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A Champion's Foresight
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Product Code L5C23
Release Date 2019-10-25 [1]
Previous The Children of Heaven
Next The Emperor's Legion
Cycle Inheritance Cycle

A Champion's Foresight is the fifth Dynasty Pack of the Inheritance Cycle. [2]

The cover art of this set by Nele Diel is from the card Shiro Kitsuki.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
103 Withstand the Darkness crab Conflict Event Reaction: After an opponent plays an event that chooses a crab character you control as a target – place 1 fate on that character (Max 1 per phase.)
97 Quarrelsome Youth lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After this character loses a conflict as an attacker, if you have fewer cards in your hand than your opponent – your opponent discards 1 random card from his or her hand.
109 Current of the Beryt unicorn Conflict Attachment Spell. Water. Meishōdō. Attach to a Shugenja character.
Action: During a conflict – take two actions.
107 Erudite Prestige phoenix Conflict Attachment Condition. Attach to a Courtier character.
Reaction: After you play a card during a conflict – attached character gets +1 Political until the end of the conflict. (Unlimited.)
106 Fan of Command lion Conflict Attachment Item. Action: During a conflict in which attached character is participating, choose a participating Bushi character – ready that character.
104 Shukujo Unique crane Conflict Attachment Weapon. Attach to a unique crane character you control. Ancestral. Restricted.
If attached character has the Champion trait, it gains "Action: during a conflict in which this character is participating – switch the conflict type."
102 Keeper of Secret Names unicorn Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Action: During a conflict, choose an unbroken province – resolve that province's action ability as if the conflict were at that province.
100 Palace Guard scorpion Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. This character cannot be declared as an attacker against a less honorable player than you.
99 Asako Takahiro Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Pride.
During a conflict in which this character is participating, it gains +2 military for each other participating dishonored character and +2 Political for each other participating honored character.
98 Unified Company lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Army. No attachments except Weapon.
Reaction: After this character wins a conflict, if you have fewer cards in you hand than your opponent – put a non-unique Bushi character with printed cost 2 or less into play from your dynasty discard pile.
95 Daidoji Kageyu Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Shinobi. Disguised Courtier.
Action: During a Political conflict in which this character is participating – draw 1 card for each card you opponent has played in this conflict.
93 Strategic Weakpoint crab Dynasty Holding Trap. Interrupt: When this holding's province is broken, your opponent chooses an attacking character – discard that character.
94 Court Musician crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Action: During a conflict in which this character is participating – during each player's next action opportunity in this conflict, decrease the cost to play cards by 1.
90 Henshin Mysteries phoenix Province Interrupt: During a conflict at this province, if a player would claim the contest ring – return it to the unclaimed ring pool instead.
91 Smuggler's Cove neutral Province Seeker role only.
During a conflict at this province, choose a character you control and select one – either move that character to the conflict or move it home.
96 Army of the Rising Wave dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Army. No attachment except Weapon.
Reaction: After this character enters play – place 1 fate on each unclaimed ring.
108 By Any Means scorpion Conflict Event Tactic. Action: During a conflict, if your honor bid is higher than your opponent's, choose a participating Bushi character you control and a participating character your opponent controls – until the end of the conflict, set your character's base military skill to the current military skill of your opponent's character.
105 Deduction dragon Conflict Event Action: During a Political conflict, return a ring from your claimed ring pool to the unclaimed ring pool. Choose a participating character with printed cost 3 or lower – bow that character.
92 Frontline Engineer crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Engineer. This character gets +1 glory for each holding in play.
Action: During a conflict in which this character is defending – search the top 5 cards of your dynasty deck for a holding and put it into play in the attacked province, discarding each other card in that province. Shuffle.
110 Outflank unicorn Conflict Event Tactic. Reaction: After an opponent's province is revealed during a conflict, choose a non-unique character – that character cannot be declared as a defender in this conflict. (Max 1 per conflict.)
89 Shiro Kitsuki Unique dragon Stronghold Castle. Reaction: After a conflict is declared, name a card – after each time your opponent plays that card during this conflict, choose an unclaimed ring and claim it as a Political ring, gaining all fate from it. (Unlimited.)
101 Petal Village Estate scorpion Dynasty Holding Imperial. Each Imperial character you control gets +1military and +1Political.