A Champion's Foresight

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A Champion's Foresight
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Product Code L5C23
Release Date 2019-10-25 [1]
Previous The Children of Heaven
Next The Emperor's Legion
Cycle Inheritance Cycle

A Champion's Foresight is the fifth Dynasty Pack of the Inheritance Cycle. [2]

The cover art of this set by Nele Diel is from the card Shiro Kitsuki.

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
103 Withstand the Darkness crab Conflict Event Reaction: After an opponent plays an event that chooses a crab character you control as a target – place 1 fate on that character (Max 1 per phase.)
97 Quarrelsome Youth lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After this character loses a conflict as an attacker, if you have fewer cards in your hand than your opponent – your opponent discards 1 random card from his or her hand.
109 Current of the Beryt unicorn Conflict Attachment Spell. Water. Meishōdō. Attach to a Shugenja character.
Action: During a conflict – take two actions.
107 Erudite Prestige phoenix Conflict Attachment Condition. Attach to a Courtier character.
Reaction: After you play a card during a conflict – attached character gets +1 Political until the end of the conflict. (Unlimited.)
106 Fan of Command lion Conflict Attachment Item. Action: During a conflict in which attached character is participating, choose a participating Bushi character – ready that character.
104 Shukujo Unique crane Conflict Attachment Weapon. Attach to a unique crane character you control. Ancestral. Restricted.
If attached character has the Champion trait, it gains "Action: during a conflict in which this character is participating – switch the conflict type."
102 Keeper of Secret Names unicorn Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Action: During a conflict, choose an unbroken province – resolve that province's action ability as if the conflict were at that province.
100 Palace Guard scorpion Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. This character cannot be declared as an attacker against a less honorable player than you.
99 Asako Takahiro Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Pride.
During a conflict in which this character is participating, it gains +2 military for each other participating dishonored character and +2 Political for each other participating honored character.
98 Unified Company lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Army. No attachments except Weapon.
Reaction: After this character wins a conflict, if you have fewer cards in you hand than your opponent – put a non-unique Bushi character with printed cost 2 or less into play from your dynasty discard pile.
95 Daidoji Kageyu Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Shinobi. Disguised Courtier.
Action: During a Political conflict in which this character is participating – draw 1 card for each card you opponent has played in this conflict.
93 Strategic Weakpoint crab Dynasty Holding Trap. Interrupt: When this holding's province is broken, your opponent chooses an attacking character – discard that character.
94 Court Musician crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Action: During a conflict in which this character is participating – during each player's next action opportunity in this conflict, decrease the cost to play cards by 1.
90 Henshin Mysteries phoenix Province Interrupt: During a conflict at this province, if a player would claim the contest ring – return it to the unclaimed ring pool instead.
91 Smuggler's Cove neutral Province Seeker role only.
During a conflict at this province, choose a character you control and select one – either move that character to the conflict or move it home.
96 Army of the Rising Wave dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Army. No attachment except Weapon.
Reaction: After this character enters play – place 1 fate on each unclaimed ring.
108 By Any Means scorpion Conflict Event Tactic. Action: During a conflict, if your honor bid is higher than your opponent's, choose a participating Bushi character you control and a participating character your opponent controls – until the end of the conflict, set your character's base military skill to the current military skill of your opponent's character.
105 Deduction dragon Conflict Event Action: During a Political conflict, return a ring from your claimed ring pool to the unclaimed ring pool. Choose a participating character with printed cost 3 or lower – bow that character.
92 Frontline Engineer crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Engineer. This character gets +1 glory for each holding in play.
Action: During a conflict in which this character is defending – search the top 5 cards of your dynasty deck for a holding and put it into play in the attacked province, discarding each other card in that province. Shuffle.
110 Outflank unicorn Conflict Event Tactic. Reaction: After an opponent's province is revealed during a conflict, choose a non-unique character – that character cannot be declared as a defender in this conflict. (Max 1 per conflict.)
89 Shiro Kitsuki Unique dragon Stronghold Castle. Reaction: After a conflict is declared, name a card – after each time your opponent plays that card during this conflict, choose an unclaimed ring and claim it as a Political ring, gaining all fate from it. (Unlimited.)
101 Petal Village Estate scorpion Dynasty Holding Imperial. Each Imperial character you control gets +1military and +1Political.

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