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Admit Defeat
Admit Defeat.png
Story hline.png
Clan crane

Deck Conflict (2 Influence)
Type Event
Stats 1 fate
Text Box Action: Choose a character that is defending alone – bow that character.
Flavor It is not only a question of defeating one's opponents, but defeating them in such a manner that they know they have been beaten.
Illus. David Horne
Set;ID Core Set, 147

To Admit Defeat is often the only solution when facing the the forces of the Crane Clan, since their bushi (especially of the Kakita family) are trained for single combat and are well-known for their duelist skills.

Card Meta[]

This card might cause opponents to either over-commit to defend their provinces and thus not leave enough characters for attacks of their own, or not send defenders at all.


  • The Illustration was used by Alderac Entertainment Group in their collectible version of the game for a specific character: Kakita Kensho-in Experienced.[1]