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Ancestral Daishō
Ancestral Daishō.png
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Clan dragon

Deck Conflict (2 Influence)
Type Attachment
Traits Weapon.
Stats 1 fate / +2 military / +0 Political
Text Box Ancestral. (When attached card leaves play, return this card to your hand.)
Restricted. (No more than two restricted attachments per character.)
Illus. Jason Juta
Set;ID Core Set, 151

An Ancestral Daisho is the pair of a katana and a wakizashi that had been handed down for generations within the bloodline.

Card Meta[]

This weapon fits the theme of the Dragon Clan of playing around with attachments. Having an Agasha Swordsmith can help to get this crad faster into your hand.


The Illustration had been used by AEG in the previous iteration of the game on the card named Rising Sun Blade.