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As Honor Demands
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Product Code L5C33
Release Date 2020-09-04 [1]
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Cycle Dominion Cycle

As Honor Demands is the fifth Dynasty Pack of the Dominion Cycle. [2]

The cover art of this set by Leo Avero is from the card Shinjo Altansarnai.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
93 Seven Fold Palace Unique crane Stronghold Palace. Reaction: After an honored character you control wins a conflict as the attacker, bow this stronghold – gains 2 honor.
97 Hida Etsuji Unique crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Commander. This character cannot be evaded by the covert keyword.
You can trigger each ability on a province you control an additional time each round (or specified period).
112 Soshi Diviner scorpion Conflict Character Shugenja. Air. Action: During a conflict, choose a card in a non-stronghold province – move that card to another non-stronghold province controlled by the same player.
96 Pious Guardian crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
Interrupt: When the conflict phase ends, if you control 1 or fewer broken provinces – gain 1 honor.
101 Honored Veterans lion Dynasty Event Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
Action: Each player chooses up to one Bushi character they played this phase – honor each of those characters.
95 Honor’s Reward neutral Province Action: During a conflict at a fire province, choose a participating character – that character gets +3 glory until the end of the conflict.
100 Fearless Skirmisher lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Keeper role only.
Reaction: After this character wins a military conflict, choose a dishonored status token and a character – move the status token to the chosen character.
107 Ceaseless Duty crab Conflict Event Action: When a character with printed cost equal to or lower than the number of unbroken provinces you control would leave play – it remains in play instead.
104 Beautiful Entertainer scorpion Dynasty Character Geisha. Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
Interrupt: When this character leaves play, if you are less honorable than an opponent – gain 2 honor.
99 Master of Many Lifetimes dragon Dynasty Character Monk. Tattooed. Seeker role only.
Interrupt: When a character you control would leave play, choose a facedown province you control - put that character into that province instead, adding each attachment on it to its owner's hand.
94 Foothills Keep Unique dragon Province Castle. Eminent. (This province starts the game faceup and cannot be turned facedown. It cannot be a stronghold province.)
As an additional cost to attack another province you control, your opponent must spend 1 fate to an unclaimed ring.
98 Master of the Court crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Covert. (When this character attacks, choose one character without covert. That character cannot be declared as a defender.)
Interrupt: When the effects of an event would initiate, discard an honored status token from this character – cancel those effects.
114 Command By Name unicorn Conflict Event Spell. Water. Meishōdō. Water role only.
Action: During a conflict, lose 1 honor and discard a card from your hand – set the attacked province's base strength to 0 until the end of the conflict.
110 Divine Ancestry lion Conflict Event Earth role only.
Reaction: After a phase begins – you cannot lose honor this phase.
111 The Receding Tie phoenix Conflict Event Spell. Water. Water role only.
Action: Choose a non-Mythic character you own – put that character into a non-stronghold province you control. (It is now out of play.)
109 Waterfall Tattoo dragon Conflict Attachment Tattoo. Attach to a character you control. Attached character gains the Tattooed trait.
Reaction: After a province you control is revealed - ready attached character.
106 Contested Countryside neutral Dynasty Holding Battlefield. Village. Keeper role only.
During conflicts in which you are the attacking player, you may trigger the attacked province's abilities as if you controlled that province.
105 Shinjo Altansarnai (AHD) Unique unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Champion. Action: During a military conflict in which this character is participating – search the top 8 cards of your dynasty deck for a non-unique character with printed cost 3 or lower and put that character into play in the conflict. Shuffle.
102 Asako Lawmaster phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Reaction: After you pass on declaring a conflict – gain 1 honor.
103 Endless Archives phoenix Dynasty Holding Library. Reaction: After you pass on declaring a conflict – put an honor token on this holding. Then, put X cards from your hand on the bottom of your conflict deck and draw that many cards, where X is the number of honor tokens on this holding. Any player may trigger this ability. (Unlimited.)
108 Elegance and Grace crane Conflict Event Action: Choose up two honored characters with total printed gold cost 6 or less – ready each of those characters.
113 Stoke Insurrection scorpion Conflict Event Reduce the cost to play this card by 2 if your opponent has 4 or more facedown cards in their provinces.
Action: During a conflict, reveal each facedown card in your opponent’s provinces. Then, choose up to 2 characters in their provinces – put those characters into play in the conflict under your control.