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The Asahina family are a shugenja family of the Crane Clan and strong pacifists.


Originally from the Phoenix Clan, Isawa Asahina was unusually aggressive and waged a campaign of devastation against the Crane lands after they negotiated a peace between the Lion Clan and the Phoenix. His destruction was only ceased after Doji Kiriko made a journey to stop him; when she found him, she intervened and took every blow he aimed at his other targets, not once attacking him directly. After she collapsed, Asahina was shaken that a Crane could hold to the pacifist ideals that the Phoenix prided themselves on far more effectively than he could. Asahina would nurse Kiriko back to health and, in the process, the pair fell in love. They were wed and Asahina joined the Crane Clan, bringing with him a large number of his shugenja followers and establishing a peaceful shugenja family within the Crane.