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Product Code L5C34
Release Date 2020-10-02 [1]
Previous As Honor Demands
Next Twisted Loyalties
Cycle Dominion Cycle

Atonement is the sixth and last Dynasty Pack of the Dominion Cycle. [2]

The cover art of this set by Drazenka Kimpel is from the card Bayushi Kachiko.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
126 Worldly Shiotome unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Battle Maiden. Reaction: After you play a Gaijin card – honor this character.
Card design by Legend of the Five Rings community.
136 Flank the Enemy unicorn Conflict Event Tactic. Action: During a conflict in which you control more participating characters than your opponent, your opponent chooses a participating character they control – bow that character.
130 Treasured Gift crane Conflict Attachment Item. Attach to a character an opponent controls.
Attached character cannot be declared as an attacker against a province you control.
127 Sudden Tempest neutral Dynasty Event Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
Action: Choose an unclaimed ring – remove that ring from the unclaimed ring pool until the end of the round. (It is out of play. Do not discard fate from the ring.)
133 Spiritcaller Prodigy lion Conflict Character Shugenja. Water. Action: Sacrifice this character. Choose a lion character with printed cost 3 or lower in your dynasty discard pile – put that character into play.
134 Magistrate's Intervention phoenix Dynasty Event Play only if you control a Courtier or Magistrate character.
Action: Choose an attacking character – dishonor that character. Then, if that character’s controller has declared two or more conflicts against you this phase, dishonor it again.
115 Iron Mountain Castle Unique dragon Stronghold Castle. Each dragon character you control can have an additional restricted attachment.
Interrupt: When you play an attachment on a character you control, bow this stronghold – reduce the cost to play that attachment by 1.
129 Inventive Buttressing crab Conflict Attachment Fortification. Attach to an unbroken province.
Attached province gets +3 strength during military conflicts.
132 In Search of Self dragon Conflict Event Action: During a conflict, choose an attacking character with printed cost X or lower, where X is equal to the number of facedown provinces you control – bow that character.
125 Ganzu Warrior unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Gaijin. Seeker role only.
Reaction: After a province is revealed during a conflict in which this character is participating – resolve a ring effect that matches the attacked province’s element. (Max 1 per conflict.)
122 Exposed Courtyard lion Dynasty Holding Battlefield. Castle. Reaction: During a military conflict – discard the top 2 cards of your conflict deck. Then, choose an event in your discard pile. You may play that card as if it were in your hand until the end of the conflict. Put it on the bottom of its owner’s conflict deck after playing it.
123 Shiba Pureheart phoenix Dynasty Character Bushi. Yōjimbō. Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
Reaction: After an opponent declares their second conflict against you this phase, choose a character – honor that character.
119 Doji Diplomat crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Reaction: After this character enters play, each player chooses a facedown province they do not control – reveal each chosen province.
124 Bayushi Kachiko (A) Unique scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. Imperial. During Political conflicts in which this character is participating, you may play each event in your opponent’s conflict discard pile as if it were in your hand. After you play a card in this way, remove it from the game. You cannot play more than 3 cards per round in this way.
128 Apprentice Engineer crab Conflict Character Bushi. Engineer. Reaction: After this character enters play, choose a holding in your dynasty discard pile – put that holding into play in one of your unbroken non-stronghold provinces, discarding each other card in that province.
116 Unbridled Ambition scorpion Province Cannot be a stronghold province.
Dishonored characters do not count their skill toward the resolution of conflicts at this province.
135 Compromised Secrets scorpion Conflict Attachment Condition. Play only if you are less honorable than an opponent.
As an additional cost to trigger an ability on attached character, its controller must give you 1 honor.
131 Daidoji Yari crane Conflict Attachment Weapon. Restricted.
While your honor bid is lower than an opponent's, each character that opponent controls loses covert.
Card design by 2018 World Champion Erik Balhuis.
118 Fire and Oil crab Dynasty Holding Siege Weapon. While this holding is in an unbroken province, it gains "Action: During a conflict, lose 1 honor. Choose a character that is attacking a province you control – dishonor that character.
120 Agasha Sumiko (A) Unique dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Champion. Imperial. Interrupt: When this character leaves play, choose an opponent – if that player is more honorable than you, they lose 2 honor. If that player has more fate than you, they lose 2 fate. If that player has more cards in hand than you, they discard 2 cards from their hand.
121 Righteous Samurai lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After an opponent's card or ring effect causes you to lose 1 or more honor, choose a character – honor that character.
117 Weight of Duty neutral Province Action: During a conflict at a [Void] province, sacrifice a participating character. Choose a non-unique character your opponent controls (or any character your opponent controls, if the sacrificed character was unique) – bow and dishonor the chosen character.