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Clan scorpion

Deck Conflict (3 Influence)
Type Event
Stats 3 fate
Text Box Play only if you are less honorable than your opponent.
Action: During a conflict, choose a character controlled by your opponent with printed cost 2 or lower – take control of that character until the end of the conflict.
Illus. Charles Urbach
Set;ID Core Set, 189

Blackmail is a practise that is usually associated with the Scorpion Clan.

Card Meta[]

Since every clan has some cheap characters that are very skilled in particular field, this card here will see much play out of Scorpion decks. To play a full playset of this card in decks of other clans uses up most of their influence, so it is not likely to see that too often in other clan decks.


  • The Illustration had been used by AEG in the previous iteration of the game on one of the card versions named Geisha House, which was also associated with the Scorpion Clan.
  • During various editions of the L5R RPG under AEG, blackmail has been an advantage that player characters could take.