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Bloody Harvest
Story hline.png
Author Josiah “Duke” Harrist
Release Date 2019-11-20
Previous The Cornered Lion Part II
Next Pine and Cherry Blossom
Source A Season of War
Cycle/Set Dominion Cycle

The Tides of War series provides a story impact with wide ramifications. Each event will represent a clash between the clans as they engage in open warfare at the boundaries of their provinces, and occasional clan letters will track the results of these skirmishes. When daimyō vie for each other's dominions, the ancestral territories of Rokugan may change hands along with vital resources.​

War has always been an essential element of the Emerald Empire. While there is honor in slaying an opponent in combat, it creates a ripple effect that can change the very shape of Rokugan. War is a bloody harvest, and you can never be sure what the crop will yield. Peer into the war-torn climate with “Bloody Harvest” by Josiah “Duke” Harrist, a new story which can be downloaded here to set up the new Kotei season!