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Champion is a trait that can be found in characters.

Clan Champions[]

The Clan Champion is the highest authority within their Clan, with the exception of the Phoenix Clan which is led by the Elemental Council. The Champions are among the most powerful people in Rokugan. Also with the exception of the Phoenix clan, the Champion is usually also the daimyō‏‎ of their respective family founded by the Kami of the Clan.

Besides the seven Great Clans there exist several Minor Clans.

Current Great Clan Champions[]

Current Minor Clan Champions[]

Jeweled Champions[]

The Jeweled Champions are various titles given to the Champions of their respective tournaments.

The majority of these titles are held for a samurai's entire career, with another tournament being held on their death or retirement.

Emerald Champion[]

The Emerald Champion is the most important and prestigious of these Champions, who commands the Emerald Magistrates. These act as Rokugan's federal police.

After Doji Satsume's Death, Akodo Toturi became the current Emerald Champion, defeating Bayushi Aramoro for the title.

Jade Champion[]

The Jade Champion serves a similar function to the Emerald Champion. However the Jade Magistrates are shugenja trained to work against the Shadowlands Taint. Eventually the position was removed from the Emperor's courts and the post has been empty since then; the Phoenix Clan maintain that the duties of the Jade Champion and Magistrates rightfully fall to their clan alone.

Ruby Champion[]

The Ruby Champion is in charge of training the Emerald Magistrates. In the event of the death of an Emerald Champion, the Ruby Champion assumes their duties until a new Emerald Champion is selected.

The office is currently held by Agasha Sumiko.

Topaz Champion[]

An unusual title, the Topaz Champion has no specific duties and is a position held only for a year. The winner of the Topaz Championship held by the Kakita family at the village of Tsuma is honoured with the title and a finely made set of Topaz-coloured armour until the following year's contest, and is held to be the finest young samurai to pass their gempuku that year.

The most recent known Topaz Champion is Kitsuki Yuikimi, her canonical successor is not yet known.