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Disambig.png This article is about Conflicts. For for the deck, see Conflict deck. For for the phase, see Conflict Phase.

Conflicts occur in the Conflict Phase, when players take turns attacking each other, and can be either Military (military) or Political (Political). The general flow of this phase is as follows:[1]

  • The first player declares an attack. As part of this attack, they determine which characters they are sending, which province they are attacking, which Ring they are trying to claim, and whether the conflict is Military or Political.
  • The defending player chooses which characters will defend the attack.
  • Players take turns playing conflict cards they have drawn from their conflict deck to try and change the outcome of the conflict, with the defending player having the first opportunity to play an action.
  • If the attacker has equal or more skill then the defender after all cards are played, they win the conflict, claims the contested ring, and initiates its effect. If the attacker wins by an amount equal to or greater than the province strength, they break the province they attacked. The attacker needs a minimum skill of 1 to win the conflict. It the attacker loses the conflict the defender wins and claims the contested ring, but does not initiated its effect.
  • All participating characters bow and return to the home area.
  • If at the end of the conflict no defending character is present, the defender looses 1 honor.
  • This repeats for the second player, then the first player, then the second player again.

A player can only declare each conflict type (Military or Political) once per turn and only unclaimed Rings can be chosen to be contested. Provinces that are already broken cannot be attacked again.