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Unique Daidoji Nerishma
Daidoji Nerishma.png
Story hline.png
Clan crane

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Scout.
Stats 2 fate / 3 military / 1 Political / 1 glory
Text Box Action: Choose a facedown card in one of your provinces – turn that card faceup.
Flavor "It's an ambush! Be ready!"
Illus. Polar Engine
Set;ID Core Set, 46

Daidoji Nerishma is a veteran scout of the Crane Clan. He is a member of the Daidoji family.

Fiction appearances[]


  • Daidoji Nerishma was a planned tribute card in Onyx Edition for a fan who had passed away. Onyx Edition was however never released by Alderac, since Fantasy Flight Games acquired the rights for L5R before the release. FFG added the character to the LCG Core Set.[1]
  • Many speculated that the character's name was misspelled since a "sh" syllable does not exist in Japanese. The closest would have been the shi kana, which would have changed the spelling to Nerishima. However a friend of the departed confirmed that it was in fact Nerishma, and they simply were not that proficient in spelling Japanese sounding names.[2]