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Unique Doji Hotaru
Doji Hotaru.png
Story hline.png
Clan crane

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Champion.
Stats 5 fate / 3 military / 6 Political / 3 glory
Text Box Reaction: After you claim a ring during a Political conflict in which this character is participating – resolve that ring's effect.
Flavor "Were it not for the rule of kō, we would be trapped in this game for eternity. We are nearly perfectly matched."
Illus. Shawn Ignatius Tan
Set;ID Core Set, 52

Doji Hotaru is the young Champion of the Crane Clan at the beginning of the storyline for the game. She is the daughter of Doji Satsume and has a younger brother named Doji Kuwanan and an adopted sister named Doji Shizue.

She is friends with Akodo Toturi, but killed his brother Akodo Arasou in a battle at Toshi Ranbo.

Fiction appearances[]


  • Doji Hotaru replaces Doji Hoturi in the new storyline for the game from Fantasy Flight Games. The male Doji Hoturi was had exactly her position in the original game from AEG, including being shown on most cards with a naginata.
  • The flavor text on the card refers the ko in game of go.