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Elements Unbound
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Product Code L5C14
Release Date August 2nd, 2018 [1]
Previous All and Nothing
Next Underhand of the Emperor
Cycle Elemental Cycle

Elements Unbound is the last Dynasty Pack of the Elemental Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards. [2]

The cover art of this set by Nele Diel is from the card Roving Michibiku.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
111 Mantis Tenkinja neutral Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Mantis Clan. Water role only.
Interrupt: When you play an event, lose 1 honor – reduce the cost of that event by 1.
114 Specialized Defenses crab Conflict Event Earth role only.
Action: During a conflict, if the attacked province has an element that matches the contested ring or a ring in your claimed ring pool – double that province's strength until the end of the conflict.
115 Being and Becoming dragon Conflict Attachment Condition. Void role only. Attach to a character you control.
Action: Bow attached character, choose an unclaimed ring – move each fate from that ring to attached character.
101 Hisu Mori Toride (Unicorn Clan) Unique unicorn Stronghold Fort. Reaction: After you win a military conflict with more participating characters than your opponent, bow this stronghold and sacrifice a (friendly) Cavalry character – you may declare an additional military conflict this phase.
104 Yasuki Broker crab Dynasty Character Courtier. While this character is participating in a conflict, each character you control gains courtesy and sincerity.
102 Magistrate Station crane Province Action: Choose an honored character – ready that character.
117 Restored Heirloom lion Conflict Attachment Weapon. Water role only restricted.
Interrupt: When you would resolve the water ring effect, choose a character you control – instead of resolving normal ring effects, put this attachment into play from your hand or conflict discard pile, attached to that character.
107 Kitsu Warrior lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Creature. For each military ring that is claimed, this character gets +2military.
For each Political ring that is claimed, this character gets +2Political.
103 Web of Lies scorpion Province X is equal to twice the bid on your honor dial.
119 Taryū-Jiai phoenix Conflict Event Action: During a conflict, choose a Shugenja character you control and a Shugenja character controlled by an opponent – your character challenges your opponent's character to a glory duel. The winner of the duel's controller resolves a ring effect of his or her choice as if he or she was the attacking player.
112 Awakened Tsukumogami neutral Dynasty Character Spirit. Void. Void role only.
You may use fate on a ring to pay the cost of a conflict card that has a Trait that matches an element of that ring.
118 Roving Michibiku phoenix Conflict Character Monk. Scholar. Reaction: After this character wins a conflict – take a ring from the defending player's claimed ring pool.
108 Reader of Omens phoenix Dynasty Character Shugenja. Void. This character gets +3Political while you have claimed the air or void ring.
109 Reclusive Zokujin scorpion Dynasty Character Creature. During earth conflicts, this character gains covert and is immune to enemy card effects.
105 Tengu Sensei crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Creature. Duelist. Covert.
Reaction: After this character chooses a character using covert – that character cannot be declared as an attacker this phase.
106 Agasha Shunsen Unique dragon Dynasty Character Shugenja. Fire. Action: During a conflict, return 1 or more rings you have claimed to the unclaimed ring pool. Choose a character you control – search your conflict deck for an attachment with printed cost equal to or lower than the number of rings returned and attach it to that character. Shuffle.
113 Pragmatism crab Conflict Attachment Condition. Attach to a character you control.
While you are less honorable than an opponent, attached character gets +1military, +1Political, and gains: “This character cannot be honored or dishonored.”
110 Minami Kaze Regulars unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Army. Cavalry. No attachments except Weapon.
Reaction: After this character wins a conflict in which you have more participating characters than your opponent – gain 1 fate and draw 1 card.
120 Unleash the Djinn unicorn Conflict Event Spell. Fire. Meishōdō. Fire role only.
Action: During a conflict, lose 3 honor – set the military and Political skill of each participating character to 3 until the end of the conflict.
116 Mantra of Earth dragon Conflict Event Kihō. Earth. Reaction: After an opponent declares a earth conflict, choose a Monk character or a character with a Monk attachment – until the end of the conflict, opponents’ card abilities cannot choose that character as a target. Draw 1 card.