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Falling Stars
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Author Mari Murdock
Release Date 2019-07-24
Previous The Scroll or the Blade
Next By the Stroke of a Brush
Source Falling Stars
Cycle/Set Inheritance Cycle

Falling Stars” depicts a conspiracy which has been given form in Otosan Uchi. With Bayushi Kachiko's decision to instill Hantei Sotorii as the next Emperor, the fate of the Emerald Empire has shifted forever. But what does this mean for the Lion Clan's Akodo Toturi? As the Emerald Champion, Toturi is one of the few people in Rokugan who knows the truth of the Emperor's final days, and his final wish. What does this new Rokugan have in store for the Emerald Champion and his wife, Akodo Kaede? The fiction can be downloaded here.