Favored Niece
Favored Niece.png
Story hline.png
Clan Scorpion.png

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Courtier.
Stats 3 Fate.png / 2 Military.png / 2 Political.png / 2 Glory.png
Text Box Action: Choose and discard 1 card from your hand – draw 1 card. (Limit twice per round.)
Flavor Not once in her life she needed to ask twice.
Illus. Wen Juinn
Set;ID Core Set, 102

Favored Niece is a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.


The Illustration had been used by AEG in the previous iteration of the game on the card named Shosuro Kameyoi, which was also associated with the Scorpion Clan.

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