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Flavor text appears in the text box of some cards. The small snippet of text it there to convey the the card's relation to the story of the game. Like reminder text, flavor text appears italic an has no rules relevance.


Name Clan Flavor Text
A New Name crane "With your new name, you leave childhood behind and begin your service to your lord."
A Perfect Cut neutral "The quality of a warrior's skill can be measured in a single stroke." – Book of Sun Tao
Above Question crane "Excuse me, samurai-san, but you must be mistaken! It could not possibly have been her."
Acolyte of Koyane phoenix The fortune of accomplishment expects—and rewards—only excellence.
Adept of Shadows scorpion There are dozens of ways to hide, and only one way to be seen.
Adept of the Waves phoenix Water is flexible and yielding, yet none can withstand the crashing waves.
Admit Defeat crane It is not only a question of defeating one's opponents, but defeating them in such a manner that they know they have been beaten.
Adopted Kin dragon Facing a crisis of children, the Dragon were willing to turn even to the peasantry to find new heirs.
Against the Waves phoenix Water is ever changing. A gentle wave one moment and a torrent of force the next.
Agasha Sumiko Unique dragon "I will not merely record history. I will forge it myself."
Agasha Taiko Unique dragon "How could it be wrong to seek the enlightenment the ise zumi so effortlessly posses, when all work towards Togashi's wisdom?"
Ageless Crone lion "It is good to see you again, Grandmother. You have not aged a day. Ever." – Ikoma Ikehata
Aggressive Moto unicorn Moto can die but cannot yield.
Akodo Kaede Unique lion Heedless of her own fate, Kaede chose. With that choice, a soul was bent and a destiny altered.
Akodo Kage Unique lion "Thank you, sensei. Your wisdom has again guided me to the right path." – Akodo Toturi
Akodo Makoto Unique lion "I am sworn to the Lion. My former husband's acts with the Crane army are none of your concern."
Akodo Motivator lion "You may find that honor carries a different meaning in this battlefield."
Akodo Toshiro Unique lion "You are the most gifted swordsman of your generation. Why must you waste your time on this cowardly art?" – Akodo Gendo
Akodo Toturi Unique neutral "I fear you are searching for the perfect answer. Sometimes there is none, and you must still make a decision." – Agasha Sumiko
Akodo Toturi (Lion Clan) Unique lion A lion is more than his roar, his mane, his teeth, his heart. A lion is all of these.
Alchemical Laboratory dragon "I have seen no interest among the fire kami for keihi bark - except when ground to paste, which seems to bring them great delight." - from the journals of Agasha Shunsen
Alibi Artist scorpion "No, noble Kitsuki-sama. I was having tea with the daimyo's son at that time."
All and Nothing phoenix "It is what is not."
Altansarnai's Vanguard unicorn When war calls, she stands ready.
Ancestral Armory lion "This is the spear of Matsu Okimoto. Do not dishonor his memory."
Ancestral Lands neutral "Our claim on these lands stretches back to the dawn of the Empire."
Ancestral Shrine phoenix The lights shine through to Yomi in the hopes of finding those they once knew.
Apprentice Earthcaller crab "The kami are already angry. It's not difficult to turn their rage to your advantage." – Kuni Yori
Arbiter of Authority crane Yuuhisa immediately regreted asking who had requested the historical records.
Ardent Omoidasu lion "You expect Akodo-san to care about an insult conceived by a novice, when he has singlehandedly repelled eight different Unicorn assaults on Jintou no Shiro?"
Armament Artisan neutral "We rule the Sea of the Sun Goddess by the skill of our sailors and the excellence of our quivers."
Army of the Rising Wave dragon "Stripped by the wave, the wasteland becomes a battlefield." – Togashi Yokuni
Asahina Augur crane "This is the only bird I have seen in days. War comes for us, whether we wish for it or not."
Asahina Maeko Unique crane At the sight of black sails, Maeko's heart sank. “I never thought I would be so mad at myself for being right.”
Asahina Takako Unique crane "Life is already fleeting. Why waste such precious time with war?"
Asahina Takamori Unique crane "A red sun in the hour of the Hare. Not a bird in the sky. Do you not see that the battle is already won?"
Asako Lawmaster phoenix They came to her to receive a fair verdict on the child's inheritance. She sent both away with nothing, for both had approached the dispute with dishonorable rancor.
Asako Maezawa Unique phoenix "We all have our roles to play, Tsukune-sama."
Asako Maezawa (TL) Unique phoenix "We can only relate to pain that is our own."
Asako Togama Unique phoenix "Never overlook knowledge when you find it, no matter how lowly its source."
Asako Tsuki Unique phoenix “History is fixed, but the future flows.”
Ascetic of the North Wall dragon “Be as the mountain: unyielding of body and mind.”
Ashigaru Levy lion Ashigaru of the Lion Clan benefit from better training, better equipment, and greater numbers than those of any other clan.
At Any Cost crab "Kuni did not hesitate when he turned the spirits of Jigoku against Hajimeno Tatakai no Oni. Why should I?" - Kuni Yori
At His Command shadowlands "Akuma no Oni will not stop until all of Rokugan burns." - Isawa Tadaka
Attendant to the Emperor scorpion "Will that be all?"
Audience Chamber neutral When the clan champion visits, even lords are little more than servants.
Austere Exemplar dragon "To understand the world is to understand the rhythm of the breath."
Backhanded Compliment scorpion "No one could accuse you of vanity with such a style."
Battle Meditation crab "In the destruction of your enemies, may you find peace." – Hida Kiyomasa
Bayushi Aramoro Unique scorpion "This is for you, Kachiko."
Bayushi Collector scorpion "Your gift to my family is most appreciated."
Bayushi Dairu Unique scorpion "I was honored to stand as your champion, Daisetsu-sama."
Bayushi Gensato Unique scorpion “I see your skill is greater than mine. Please accept my most sincere apology.”
Bayushi Kachiko Unique scorpion "Which of us would bid this game to end? We are nearly perfectly matched, but there can only be one victor."
Bayushi Liar scorpion "I sincerily doubt that asking you to trust me will change anything, and yet I ask anyway."
Bayushi Manipulator scorpion "Victory does not always go to the strongest of two opponents." – Bayushi's Lies
Bayushi Shoju Unique scorpion "Believing what is true is only sensible."
Bayushi Shoju (SD) Unique scorpion In one clear moment, Shoju understood his unspoken duty, though the touch of polished emerald would forever tarnish his soul.
Bayushi Traitor scorpion "I am sorry. This was my duty."
Bayushi Yojiro Unique scorpion "If you will not believe a word I say, I may as well tell the truth."
Bayushi's Whisperers Unique scorpion Words traveled fast from city to city: the Emerald Champion was coming to visit.
Beastmaster Matriarch lion "I have always heard that the Lion’s greatest weapon is their pride.” – Ikoma Ikehata
Before the Throne neutral "Your August Imperial Majesty, your humble servant comes before you..."
Belief in the Little Teacher dragon "The kie was given to us by Shinsei to finally be free of karma and reincarnation."
Beloved Advisor crane "The children would love to see you again."
"So long as our lords maintain peace, I see no reason that could not happen."
Benevolent Ambassador unicorn With compassion and patience, the Ide turn trade into friendship, and friendship into alliance.
Benevolent Host crane Crane generosity often end conflicts before a single blow is struck.
Benten's Touch phoenix "Blessed Benten, Lady of Love and Beauty, shine your radiance upon me. Let my hands work your beauty in the mortal realm and my words spread your grace at all."
Betrayal of Truth dragon "What have you done, my son..." – Mirumoto Masashige
Blackmail Artist scorpion "The real art in convincing your mark that you are bound by duty and honor, to expose him. At which point, buying you off becomes this idea."
Blade of Chaos shadowlands Many Crab samurai have joined the ranks of the Lost upon taking up a blade of obsidian against the spawn of Jigoku.
Blessed By Fukurokojin phoenix “If only more of us favored inks and dyes over swords and arrows, we would not be burdened with such great suffering.”
Bloodthirsty Kansen shadowlands "It is no wonder the kami shun this place." - Kitsu Takeko
Bog Hag shadowlands The villagers thanked her with gifts of food and clothing, unaware that she was taking a much different rewards for healing their sick and wounded.
Bonsai Garden crane "Daily caretaking leads to a life of peace." – Tao of Shinsei
Border Fortress unicorn The first stage of attack. The first line of defense.
Borderlands Defender crab Even when faced with such hardship, the Crab Clan has never wavered, standing steadfast in its duty to protect the southern border of the Empire.
Brash Samurai crane A samurai lives at all times three feet from death.
Brushfires neutral “This is no time for glory!”
Bustling Academy phoenix Peace ir far from tranquility when there is so much to learn.
By Onnotangu's Light neutral A single night can change the course of history.
Calling the Storm phoenix "You would be a fool to ignore the limitless wisdom of the kami."
Callow Delegate crane "He already thinks himself so talented... but there is potential there."
Captive Audience unicorn "Now you must hear our demands!"
Cautious Scout crane They told him to be careful, but there was only one way to know for sure.
Ceaseless Duty crab “What if you are the sword that stems the tide of darkness?” – Kaiu Shihobu
Censure neutral "I bring word from the Imperial Chancellor."
Challenge on the Fields unicorn "Face me, Shono! Fight me now!" – Matsu Mitsuko
Chancellor's Aide crane "I wish to see the leaves of Ide-sama's garden before they begin to fall. The regent's business with me can wait." – Kakita Yoshi
Charge! neutral A samurai must always be ready. Ready to fight. And ready, if need be, to die.
Chieftain Fouleye Unique shadowlands "Great gift. Lord accepts. You eat well tonight."
Chikai Order Protector phoenix "I need not understand the Elemental Masters' wisdom, so long as it remains safe with them."
Chronicler of Conquests lion “I have seen the flames of war rage across the plain, consuming palace and city and monastery alike. It is a sight I will never forget.”
Chrysanthemum Steward scorpion "The Empire cannot survive if it does not have leadership."
Chuda Gyushi Unique shadowlands "I have need of you again, my wicked companion."
Chukan Nobue Unique phoenix When reading and writing proved impossible to her, the daughter of the Chukan daimyō set out to learn from the traditions kept alive by the people of Rokugan.
City of Lies scorpion In Ryokō Owari Toshi, koku could pave any road.
Common Cause crab "They may break our homes, but they will never break our spirit."
Consumed by Five Fires phoenix "By these fires be cleansed." – Isawa Masahiro
Contingency Plan neutral "The only thing that is certain is that something will go wrong." – Bayushi's Lies
Countryside Trader unicorn “Poor in rice, yes. But rice is not our only wealth.”
Court Novice scorpion "Each detail you reveal is another tool your opponent will use against you." – Sensei Nagori
Court of Deception scorpion Where the truth lies.
Court of Justice dragon "You will find I am only interested in the truth." – Kitsuki Jusai
Courteous Scheming crane "Why don't we discuss this in private?"
Crippling Taxes crane Without the vast reserves of wealth once boasted by the Crane Clan, it falls upon its servants to ensure the clan does not starve.
Cunning Confidant neutral "I would not share such thoughts with the court."
Cunning Magistrate scorpion "Let them fear the law and be better for it."
Current of the Beryt unicorn “I know of no kami that live on the banks of the Beryt. Yet show one its majesty and the roar of a cataract will never leave you.”
Curry Favor crane "How could the Crane do any less for our honored allies?"
Curse of Misfortune neutral “Do you think to mock me, little spider? I will not let you ruin the first profitable job I’ve seen in weeks with your boldness.”
Cursecatcher scorpion “If you leave now, I cannot protect you.”
Cycle of Rebirth dragon "This lifetime shall prepare you for the trial to come." – Togashi Hassuno
Cycle of Vengeance neutral “I will never forget the sound of my brother’s lifeless body striking the ground at his hand.” – Mirumoto Hitomi
Daidoji Harrier crane "Victory will be only achieved through preparedness." – Daidoji Uji
Daidoji Iron Warrior crane "We may be outnumbered, but we will never be outmatched."
Daidoji Kageyu Unique crane "Many thanks for the invitation to your court. I hope to learn many of your ways while I am here."
Daidoji Nerishma Unique crane "It's an ambush! Be ready!"
Daidoji Netsu Unique crane "I am unworthy of the trust you place in me, my lady. I shall endeavor to earn it."
Daidoji Strategist crane In honor of longstanding tradition, the Daidoji were welcomed among the Crab in defense of Rokugan. Their leadership, while effective, was somewhat less welcome.
Daidoji Uji Unique crane "I'm proud of what Uji-sama has done with the Iron Cranes. But do they have the will to bear such crimson stains upon their white wings?" – Bayushi Shoju
Damned Hida crab “While my honor cannot be redeemed, my service can still be fulfilled.”
Dark Moto shadowlands "Such foul steeds will not succumb until their demon-riders have fallen." - Hida Tsuru
Dazzling Duelist crane "If you were so wise, you would not have challenged me."
Deathseeker lion "I shall redeem my name in service to my clan!"
Defiance neutral Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
Deserted Shrine neutral "In emptiness, despair lurks." - Tao of Shinsei
Desolation crab "I pray the kami will forgive me for what must be done."
Desperate Negotiator crane With the capital in chaos, any hope that the violence throughout Rokugan could be brought to an end faded into memory.
Detritus Priest Unique shadowlands "I do not know if it is the power of a kansen that invigorates them, or just the excitement of seeing a glowing bone." - Kuni Ritsuko
Diplomatic Gift-Giver crane Each gift forms the foundation of future favor.
Direct Assault shadowlands "Your screams taste of the delicate grey that soothes the soul." - Atsuko the Calamitous
Disciple of Shinsei neutral "If we do not let go our fear and our desire, we will be trapped in this cycle for eternity."
Disguised Protector scorpion Her face might be bare, but she was never without a mask.
Dispatch to Nowhere scorpion "Your loyalty has been recognized, and you may take up your new assignment in Kinbō Province at once." – Soshi Shiori
Display of Loyalty scorpion "You shall suffer no dishonor, my lord."
Divine Ancestry lion "I fought alongside my betrothed in his victories, as Matsu once fought beside Akodo-no-Kami." - Matsu Tsuko
Doji Challenger crane "I hope you are prepared to defend your words with steel!"
Doji Diplomat crane “Our clan needs strength of arms now, more than ever, and I think you can help me gain the allies we need.” – Kakita Yoshi
Doji Fumiki Unique crane She would not even deign to look upon her lessers.
Doji Hotaru Unique crane "Were it not for the rule of kō, we would be trapped in this game for eternity. We are nearly perfectly matched."
Doji Hotaru (JfS) Unique crane "Do you believe that the Emerald Magistrates lie, brother, or that they are simply incompetent!"
Doji Kuwanan Unique crane "I begin to suspect you don't ever care about the truth."
Doji Kuzunobu Unique crane Each poem spun discloses a trace of the wondrous forest home to which he hopes to one day return.
Doji Representative crane "I regret that I must decline your gracious invitation."
Doji Shigeru Unique crane "It is humbling to be mistaken for the beautiful Lady Shike."
Doji Shizue Unique crane "Mukashi mukashi..."
Doji Whisperer crane "Lean closer, that I might tell you something only the willows should hear..."
Drawn to Blood shadowlands "They were like shadows emerging from the night, so great and fearful that I abandoned my duty and left the corpses unburnt." – Hiruma Izumi
Duel to the Death crane "So be it." – Kakita Toshimoko
Duty scorpion "I will be your villain, Hantei." – Bayushi
Eager Scout crab The first to fight, the first to die.
Earth Becomes Sky phoenix "I used to look up to the heavens, but the earth seems to have decided it wants that position."
Effective Deception scorpion It would be a matter of time before Kuwanan come searching for his sister's seal. It was Sadako's duty that he find it.
Elegance and Grace crane At the sight of her joy, a thousand poems were born.
Elemental Inversion phoenix "If all elements are of the Void, then what is their opposite?" - Tao of Shinsei
Endless Plains Skirmisher unicorn A samurai lives at all times three feet from death.
Endless Ranks shadowlands Each death beyond the Wall is in service to Fu Leng.
Enigmatic Magistrate dragon "Is it just to uphold an unjust law?"
Enlightened Warrior dragon In heart, air.
In spirit, earth.
In sword, fire.
In body, water.
In mind, void.
Enlightenment neutral "The world and I are as one."
Enraged crab When his friends had fallen, when his commander had joined the ranks of his foes, when his honor had been forsaken, all that remained was his rage.
Entrenched Position neutral "It would take an entire Moto horde to break through here."
Ethereal Alignment phoenix “This was never your fate.”
Evil Portents shadowlands They say that which is better left unknown.
Exemplary Etiquette crane His gentle courtesy eased the hearts of his guests, until they found themselves unwilling to confront him over his vassal's undue aggression.
Exploit Weakness shadowlands The whispers had been right all along. His lord's treachery had to end tonight.
Exposed Secrets neutral "You seemed awfully excited to learn of Ikoma-sama's return. I thought you had barely spoken to her?"
Fair Accord crab "So long as there is the light of 'I want to make a deal,' even the most painful negotiations will eventually pay off." – Yasuki Taka, the Wily Trader
Fan of Command lion "In the chaos of war, the chain of command unites the valor of samurai." – Akodo's Leadership
Favor of the Kami phoenix “Like air, invisible.
Like water, formless.
Like earth, unchanging.
Like fire, powerful.”
– Isawa’s
Favorable Dealbroker crab "A tea set this fine would go anywhere else for 2 koku. But for only you, I will make an exception."
Favored Niece scorpion Not once in her life she needed to ask twice.
Fawning Diplomat scorpion Flattery is the currency of the court.
Fearless Skirmisher lion “Lay down your sword now and we will show you mercy.” – Daidoji Netsu
Feral Ningyo phoenix The sea's embrace is cold and sharp.
Fertile Fields neutral "Inari-no-Kami smiles upon these lands." – Aiko, priestress of Inari.
Festival for the Fortunes crane Wisteria blooms
Prayers fly on colored streamers
Armies march to war
Field Tactician lion "We will make it work."
Fiery Madness scorpion They had considered every possible vulnerability save one.
Fight On crab "If we rest, the entire Empire falls."
Fine Katana neutral Immortal steel waits
Venerated divine blade
The fires of the soul
Fire Tensai Acolyte phoenix "I had barely bowed my head before the trees began to burn. What has drawn so many fire kami to this place?"
Fire Tensai Initiate phoenix "Can you coax the mind from wandering and keep to the original oneness?" – Tao of Shinsei
Flooded Waste crab Where none survive to cremate the fallen, rot and corruption reign.
For Greater Glory lion "Our names shall never be forgotten!"
Forgery scorpion "Who could refuse an order from the most honorable Elemental Masters?" – Shosuro Hametsu
Forgotten Library phoenix Truth cannot be lost, only forgotten.
Formal Invitation crane "It would be an honor if you would join us."
Fouleye's Elite shadowlands "I'd be more worried about those teeth than that blade." – Hiruma Kogoe
Four Temples Advisor neutral Even the wisest and most powerful daimyō does not wholly ignore the words of one who has studied the Tao.
Fruitful Respite crab Kaiu engineers are never idle.
Fuchi Mura Unique dragon “The wheel without a hub, turning, stops for the hand of neither master or no master.” – Togashi Kazue
Funeral Pyre crab "We speed our fallen to Meido, that they do not rise again."
Fū Sui Disciple crane "The energies of Sun and Moon, of the Five Elements—all must be balanced."
Fū Sui Temple crane "With temperance and grace, you can achieve greatness." – Asahina Takako
Gaijin Customs unicorn "They stood, unmoving, each unsure how to proceed."
Gallant Quartermaster crab "Doom descended on our brothers and sisters on the Wall. I will not wait for help to come when my own stores could mean the difference between life or death.
Gift of Amaterasu phoenix "Even the Fortunes must recognize greatness."
Gifted Tactician lion "If you are fighting only the present battle, you have already lost the war." – Kitsu Motso
Glorious Victory lion "If we should be victorious, it is because the heavens will it."
Goblin Brawler shadowlands Akuma no Oni's army outfitted itself with the weapons and armor scavanged from fallen samurai.
Goblin Sneak neutral "Goblins? Impossible. Goblins have never been spotted this far from the Wall."
Golden Plains Raider unicorn "Better this town be left abandoned than run by despots."
Graceful Guardian crane "Victory without honor is no victory at all."
Greater Understanding dragon "Does an enlightened person fall under the law of cause and effect?"
Guard Duty lion "But mother," said the young Lion, "how am I to find glory if I remain behind?"
"You will find honor," said his mother. "And a Lion requires nothing more." – Ikoma's Chronicles
Guardian Dōjō phoenix Any who wish to train in the defense of others is welcome among the Shiba.
Guest of Honor crane "You wouldn't want to disgrace yourself in front of our distinguised guest, would you?"
Guidance of the Ancestors lion "Oh blessed ancestors, hear my prayer! May the strength of your honor guide my steps and lead me to righteousness!"
Hall of Victories lion "In these records, you will be remembered for the next thousand years."
Hand to Hand lion "On the battlefield, all actions are honorable." – Akodo's Leadership
Haughty Magistrate phoenix "There is the Tao and there is the Law. Both are the same under Heaven."
Haunted Ruins shadowlands The wind whistles with screams of the forgotten.
Heartless Intimidator scorpion "A beautiful knife, isn't it?"
Height of Fashion crane The tides of fashion ebb and flow.
Stay ahead of them, or sink beneath
the waves of obscurity.
Heroic Resolve lion So long as he never lost his feet, he would never stop fighting.
Hida Backbreaker crab "Will reputation deflect a tetsubo's strike? I thought not."
Hida Etsuji Unique crab "Let them come. We are overdue for a glorious victory."
Hida Kisada Unique crab "What need have I of glory to defend this wall?"
Hida Kotoe Unique crab "You don't need this."
Hida O-Ushi Unique crab "Empty words are the coward's way."
Hida Secretkeeper crab "I suffered the misfortune of witnessing my lord at work. Do not make a mistake."
Hida Sugi Unique crab "I knew there was much to Rokugan that we must defend. I never realized how much of it was beautiful."
Hida Sukune Unique crab "Few can claim to know the defenses of the Wall as well as the Champion's youngest son. Yet who will follow such a child into battle? – Hida Sanae
Hida Tsuru Unique crab "We cannot simply hide on our wall and wait."
Highlight the Flaws crane "Do not make the mistake of inviting a master artisan into your home." – Kitsuki Chiari
Hiruma Kogoe Unique crab "Assume anything we see is probably dangerous."
Hiruma Skirmisher crab "My lord, I bring grave findings from beyond the Wall."
Hiruma Yōjimbō crab Enemies learned quickly: it was never wise to give her a reason to draw that awful blade.
Hitsu-do Disciple dragon "You expect me to fear some unarmed woman?" – Hatsuichi the rōnin
Honor in Battle lion "With victory, your foe is set back. With honor, your foe is vanquished." – Akodo's Leadership
Hunting Falcon unicorn “If she returns without prey, we should be wary.”
Hurricane Punch dragon "Strike with one thousand fists and you need deliver only a single blow."
I Can Swim scorpion "But scorpion! Now we will both die!"
Ichirō Unique neutral "My father is a liar and a hypocrite. How could I feel any loyalty to a man who has never once told me the truth?"
Ide Negotiator unicorn His eyes betrayed him, as the eyes of the sultan had in Safa Silib.
Ide Ryōma Unique unicorn "Have you already become a Nehiri, Ryōma-san?" – Utaku Yumino
Ide Tadaji Unique unicorn "Without a worthy opponent, victory is meaningless."
Ignoble Enforcers scorpion "I would trust them with my life. I would not trust them with yours."
Ikebana Artisan crane "The art is in the flowers chosen, not merely position."
Ikoma Anakazu Unique lion "You dishonor yourself and your clan with this rejection, Mistress of the Impetuous Winds."
Ikoma Ikehata Unique lion "I like to think of myself as the 'mane' event."
Ikoma Kiyono Unique lion "It is as if she has told us each a unique tale, yet the words in the telling are old the same." – Miya Matsuo
Ikoma Orator lion "I could go on for hours! And I will!"
Ikoma Prodigy lion She was destined to follow the of her ancestors, the path of the true Go sage.
Ikoma Reservist lion "Take arms! The Unicorn are at our door!"
Ikoma Ujiaki Unique lion "I remember."
Ikoma Ujiaki (PaAC) Unique lion "Our service to the throne has never wavered."
Illustrious Plagiarist scorpion “All good artists borrow. I am a great artist.”
Imbued With Shadows scorpion “Keep telling yourself that I am the one who is lying to you.”
Imperial Librarian neutral "Only the most esteemed of samurai may use this library."
Implacable Magistrate lion "A failure before the law is a failure of honor."
Impossible Kōan dragon If the candlelight is fire, the meal is long-cooked.
Impulsive Novice dragon "You clearly have not seen what I can do."
In Defense of Rokugan crab "Give her a proper funeral, with all honors. She honored her family, and served her daimyō well." – Hida Kisada
In Search of Self dragon Many pilgrims set out to discover the world. Those who find wisdom discover themselves.
Inquisitive Ishika phoenix "There was something formless before the universe was born. Serene. Empty. Infinite." – from the scrolls of Starry Heaven Sanctuary
Insatiable Gaki shadowlands "Leave the wretched thing to its hopeless gnawing." - Kuni Ritsuko
Inscribed Tantō dragon “Words of wisdom are nice, but sometimes you just need a sharpened claw.”
Insightful Gatekeeper neutral "The truest path is not cut from stone or brick."
Insolent Outcast neutral "I could defeat any samurai who think themselves great just because of which clan they serve."
Inspired Visionary phoenix "What need have we for weapons and armor when we have the Kami at our side?"
Insult to Injury crane "Surely, your blade must have been caught in its sheath for your draw to have been so slow."
Intimidating Hida crab "Is that all you've got?"
Inventive Buttressing crab “It would take several oni to break these gates.” – Kaiu Shuichi
Inventive Mirumoto dragon "When youn understand the path of the sword, your adversary can do nothing you cannot foresee." – Mirumoto's Niten
Invoke the Divine phoenix "No longer will your disrespect go ignored, either by me or by the kami of this place."
Iron Warrior Vanguard crane "I will never stop protecting you."
Isawa Eju Unique phoenix "This council… could serve… to learn much… from our young… champion."
Isawa Heiko Unique phoenix "How can you not find beauty in water's frozen crystal?"
Isawa Kaede Unique phoenix "All fates are one."
Isawa Masahiro Unique phoenix "The kami are my allies. How can you hope to stand against me?"
Isawa Skycaller phoenix "Though my heart be heavy, Kaze-no-Kami shall lift my spirit."
Isawa Tadaka Unique phoenix “As a mountain’s roots run deep, I shall not be moved.”
Isawa Ujina Unique phoenix Had she killed him? But there was no blood on the ninjatō's blade. Nor was there a body… He was gone–whoever he was.
Isawa Uona Unique phoenix "We cannot always see that which guides our way."
Ishiken Initiate phoenix The void is nothing.
The void is everything.
Issue a Challenge crane "If your skill with a blade is even half of what you have boasted, you will face me alone like a true samurai."
Itinerant Philosopher dragon "A student must learn every falsehood before they can learn the truth."
Iuchi Daiyu Unique unicorn Even the greatest amount of love for his firstborn daughter could not hinder his duty to the Emperor.
Iuchi Farseer unicorn The water kami agreed to travel with her, to share in the wonder of discovery, and to show here they might yet go.
Iuchi Rimei Unique unicorn “Do you have any idea what spirits you might anger? Do you even have any way of controlling them?”
Iuchi Shahai Unique unicorn "I locked my heart away, my prince. I left it behind, that none could see it break."
Iuchi Shahai (ACO) Unique unicorn I can help you, my prince, if you will allow me.”
Iuchi Wayfinder unicorn Chase the sun. Discover the world.
Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn neutral "Fat, stupid, and ugly. A perfect unicorn!" – Caliph Harun
Iwasaki Pupil crane "Remember that with you, there are no samurai. There are only men and women in need of a compassionate friend and a listening ear."
Jade Masterpiece Unique dragon "Beauty? Enlightenment? A tragic waste of jade? What do you see?" – Kitsuki Yaruma
Jade Talisman crab The difference between sanctity and suffering.
Jade-Inlaid Katana crab The difference between sanctity and suffering.
Jewel of the Khamasīn unicorn A tempest of sand and hate striving for liberation.
Kabuki Hero crane "As a tear dew on a fallen leaf – as a glimmer of moonlight on a still lake – such is the impermanence of this life." – Asahina Ichikawa
Kaito Kosori Unique phoenix "An arrow, once loosed, cannot be recalled."
Kaito Mai Unique phoenix “I cannot abandon even a kansen to endless suffering.”
Kaito Nobukai Unique phoenix "The art of archery is the art of letting go."
Kaiu Inventor crab "It will work...eventually."
Kaiu Siege Force Unique crab Where the work of Kaiu minds fails short, Kaiu hands must follow through.
Kakita Favorite crane "They will forget your name when they hear of mine."
Kakita Kaezin Unique crane "For the coward, there is no life.
For the hero, there is no death."
Kakita Ryoku Unique crane From the virtue of her writing, gossip about the former Imperial Advisor inevitably becomes reverent praise.
Kakita Yoshi Unique crane "I will not forget."
Kakita Yoshi (RaW) Unique crane "Bayushi Shoju has gone too far."
Karmic Teachings dragon "What do you remember?"
Karmic Twist phoenix "This is not my fate; it is ours."
Kenson no Gakka Unique lion It stands as a testament to the limits of Scorpion ambition.
Killing Field shadowlands "No kami will ever return to this place now." - Isawa Nobu
Kirei-ko scorpion The deadliest poison produces the most beautiful shade.
Kitsu Motso Unique lion "The time is now."
Kitsuki Chiari Unique dragon “This changes everything.”
Kitsuki Counselor dragon "What is there to learn from a book that cannot be taught by a flower?"
Kitsuki Jusai Unique dragon Rumors tell of a master duelist who has hung up his sword, unwilling to draw steel until he can find his disgraced father and complete the challenge cut short by circumstance.
Kitsuki Kāgi Unique dragon "If only Doji-sama's records were not as frustratingly secretive as he was while he was alive…"
Kitsuki Shomon Unique dragon "Governor Hyobu, on my honor, I shall share the fate of any student who uses my teachings to transgress."
Kitsuki Yaruma Unique dragon "One cannot send the mountains to the Emperor, but one can send an artist."
Kitsuki's Method dragon Every detail, no matter how small, carries its own implications of the truth.
Kobo Ichi-Kai Jūjutsu crab "Who needs a weapon? I am the weapon."
Kudaka Unique neutral "It's tradition, this, just askin' the kami for their aid."
Kuni Purifier crab "As long as the Taint clings to you, there is nowhere for you to hide."
Kuni Ritsuko Unique crab “The kami of earth abhor corruption even more than we do. Their aid is ours for the asking.”
Kuni Silencer crab "Have you seen a soul cut off from his ki?"
Kuni Yori Unique crab "I know our enemy."
Kyofuki's Hammer phoenix "I have made the appropiate offerings to keep my home safe. Have you?" – Rujo the rōnin
Let Go dragon The material world is but a distraction.
Levy crab "Every clan must aid in the defence of Rokugan."
Liar's Mask scorpion "The face is the first traitor." – Bayushi's Lies
Licensed Quarter scorpion With promises of fine wine, awaiting riches, and beautiful entertainment, Ryokō Owari Toshi can break even the most stouthearted of samurai.
Lion's Pride Brawler lion "Let me put it another way."
Lion's Pride Paragon lion “I shall not stop fighting until the honor of the Lion has been avenged.”
Local Daimyō's Retainer crane “My lord, is it wise to bring such lowly rōnin into your service? Surely there is a Doji or Kakita pupil who would serve better than… her.”
Lost Samurai shadowlands The devotion of samurai, twisted by Jigoku into a mockery of Bushido.
Loyal Oathbreaker scorpion "Take comfort in the knowledge that my love was true."
Lurking Affliction neutral "Heavens, Asako-sama, are you unwell? You will shatter the ceramics!"
Madness shadowlands "You don't understand! It's choking me!"
Magistrate Station crane “We cannot be cruel, but taxes must be paid. The poor harvest has put everyone on edge.”
Maker of Keepsakes crane No two of her brushes are the same, each carved with a distinct grace that suits the kami dwelling within.
Manicured Garden neutral The perfect garden maintains all five elements in harmony.
Mantis Seafarer neutral "Nothing compares with a fresh sea breeze."
Mantis Tenkinja neutral "None exist in the whole of the Emerald Empire who are as talented as they." – Yoritomo
Marauding Oni neutral "No price could be too high for victory."
Market of Kaze-no-Kami neutral The Daidoji learned long ago that the marketplace was merely another battlefield for them to master.
Master Alchemist dragon "The secrets of the elements are not kept by the kami alone."
Master Tactician lion “It is neither war nor peace: only order and chaos.” – Akodo's Leadership
Master of Gisei Toshi phoenix There are strict rules regarding the behavior of guests. There have never been any guests.
Master of Jade crab “I will not allow the Taint to take you.”
Master of the Swift Waves unicorn "When I call upon you, you will answer."
Matsu Agetoki Unique lion "Do not be so quick to put yourself above the Shinjo, nephew. Do you ignore or forget the lesson Moto Tsume taught our family of pride? – Moto Rurame, to Moto Chagatai
Matsu Berserker lion When the rage come forth, none could stand against them.
Matsu Gohei Unique lion "Why'd you want to fight me when you'd do such a bad job of it?"
Matsu Koso Unique lion “What good is an army if you don’t use it?”
Matsu Mitsuko Unique lion "You are a Unicorn without honor, just like your mother! You will fight me!"
Matsu Swiftspear lion "One does not achieve victory by holding forces in reserve." – Akodo's Leadership
Matsu Tsuko Unique lion "We take what we want by strength of honor, or not at all."
Matsu Tsuko (TEL) Unique lion "We will make them cower for their insults, and Arasou will be avenged."
Mediator of Hostilities phoenix "Do not lose your virtue under Tengoku by thinking a katana alone puts you in the right."
Meditations on the Tao neutral "Appreciation of beauty is the beginning of wisdom." – Tao of Shinsei
Meek Informant scorpion Samurai seldom notice peasants.
Peasants always notice samurai.
Meishōdō Wielder unicorn "I know the kami's Name. I can bend it to my will."
Merchant of Curiosities unicorn "How fascinating. You say it is used for eating?"
Messenger of Misfortune scorpion Dread drove him faster than his own heartbeats. If his lord could not prevail, what could even the regent do against such demonic power? Yet, if he failed to reach Shoju in time, what hope remained?
Midnight Prowler scorpion Those who know Ryokō Owari Toshi know not to stay out after nightfall.
Mindful Warrior dragon “When the day closes and Amaterasu sleeps, what will you have learned? What difference will you have made?”
Mirumoto Daishō dragon "When your opponent sees but a single blade, you have achieved victory." – Mirumoto's Niten
Mirumoto Hitomi Unique dragon Had there been a time when Hitomi smiled? Perhaps before her brother had died, but rarely since then…
Mirumoto Masashige Unique dragon A crisis of children, a heretical sect, and armies marching to war. Yet no guidance would come to him from Togashi-ue.
Mirumoto Prodigy dragon Each new opponent showed her more of herself.
Miwaku Kabe Guard lion "This wall is as unassailable as the honor of the Lion."
Miya Mystic neutral "Most of my family speak to the citizens of the Empire. I speak to the kami of the land itself."
Miya Satoshi Unique neutral "You who would speak to the Son of Heaven would do well to speak first to me."
Moment of Perfect Beauty crane "Its pattern will never appear again" – Shinsei
Mono no Aware neutral Autum's voice falters
Visions of days together
Fade with the new snow
Moto Beastmaster unicorn "I'd keep my distance, I've seen them bring down bears."
Moto Chagatai Unique unicorn "Where is it written that the Khan of Khans must always be a Shinjo?"
Moto Conqueror unicorn On the distant Plain of Wind and Stone, Shinjo's followers learned new gaijin ways to ride, to hunt and to fight from horseback. Bolstered by the nomadic Ujik, who joined them, the Unicorn Clan survived, flourished, and returned to Rokugan, their duty to Hantei achieved.
Moto Eviscerator neutral "Do not be so quick to put yourself above the Shinjo, nephew. Do you ignore or forget the lesson Moto Tsume taught our family of pride? – Moto Rurame, to Moto Chagatai
Moto Horde unicorn Felled by swords or trampled by hooves: to face them was to face death.
Moto Juro Unique unicorn "I will follow you, and they will follow me. Even to Jigoku itself."
Moto Nergüi Unique unicorn "Honor is for those with no deeds to their name."
Moto Outrider unicorn "Lands won on horseback ought to be ruled from horseback."
Moto Tsume Unique shadowlands One act of reckless pride. Three hundred years of terror.
Moto Youth unicorn Strike your enemies with such speed they cannot think to strike back.
Mountaintop Vigil dragon None knew what had brought them together, yet it was agreed that none could find their answers alone.
Mushin no Shin dragon “An empty mind reacts without hesitation, strikes without distraction, and acts without fear.” — Mirumoto's Niten
Naive Student phoenix "Your first lesson is to realize the facts alone cannot sway the soul." – Asako Hayate
Natural Negotiator unicorn "Beware the Ide with empty hands." – Ujik proverb
Noble Sacrifice crane There was no greater honor.
Obsidian Talisman crab “Did this power not also come from the heavens?”
Obstinate Recruit lion Others might question his pride, assuming it would be his downfall. For him, it was a source of strength.
Oni of Obsidian and Blood shadowlands "Only the deepest pits of Jigoku could spawn such evil." - Isawa Masahiro
Onikage Rider shadowlands "The thunder of hooves now brings me only terror and despair." - Shinjo Hideo
Oracle of Stone phoenix Pray it does not foretell disaster.
Ornate Fan neutral At times, the ornamentation is the point. At others, it is merely a distraction.
Otomo Courtier neutral "I speak with the voice of the Son of Heaven"
Outflank unicorn "Do not follow the roads your foe lays out for you. Blaze your own." – from the tactics of Shinjo Khulan Khan
Overlooked Community dragon “Only one who relinquishes fear is truly free.” – Tao of Shinsei
Pacifism phoenix A peaceful environment leads to a peaceful mind.
Pacifist Philosopher phoenix “Use your sword. You will only prove me correct.”
Paralyzing Delicacy scorpion When the guests' breaths suddenly fell short, only the cooks could be blamed.
Peerless Discipline lion "Any of these farmers could be the difference between victory and defeat. Why would we not prepare them as best as possible?"
Penanggalan shadowlands "Who is she now?" - Kitsuki Chiari
Perceptive Kitsuki dragon "So that was Asako-sama's handwriting, as I suspected."
Perfect Guest crane One with impeccable courtesy can indulge extravagant tastes.
Perfect Land Believer dragon “If they think to deny us Shinsei’s salvation, we will take our fate into our own hands.”
Perfect Land Ethos neutral "Shoshi ni kie."
– chant of the Perfect Land Sect
Permeating Mutation shadowlands "I dare not face them, lest they realize that I am doomed to become one of them" – Kaiu Masae
Persuasive Counselor lion "You must not take offense at my words. Did your Bayushi not name himself a villain?"
Petal Village Estate scorpion For Imperial bureaucrats who cannot live in Otosan Uchi, a beautiful estate in one of the surrounding Petal Villages touts their noble station.
Pit Trap crab "My apologies, samurai-san. That pit was intended for goblins." – Kaiu Shuichi
Pledge of Loyalty crane "As I swore to your father, I swear to follow you." – Kakita Yoshi
Prakhara the Schemer Unique shadowlands Many samurai have fallen to the wiles of the demons of the Ivory Kingdoms.
Prayers to Ebisu neutral While some wish for glory, most simply desire comfort.
Preeminent Decree crane Even without her title, Kakita Ryoku's judgments prevail.
Privileged Position neutral "Welcome, Bayushi-san, to Kenson no Gakka, where we proudly remember our history…"
Procedural Interference lion The interruption was unorthodox, but none present could gainsay her.
Prodigy of the Waves phoenix "To adapt and flow around any problem, this is the lesson of water." – Isawa's Elements
Prove Your Skill lion "I always doubted the gossip."
Purifier Apprentice crab "When you face the darkness of the Shadowlands, you must be unflinching, lest you become the subject you wish to study." – Kuni Ritsuko
Purity of Spirit phoenix "One masters war by embracing peace." – Tao of Shinsei
Reader of Omens phoenix “I have never seen the birds this aggressive before...”
Ready for Battle lion "We are prepared to pay any price."
Reclusive Zokujin scorpion To see a Zokujin is a sign of great significance—the excitement of a myth sighted, and the dread of what drove it to the surface.
Reinforced Plate crab "It is a wonder that anyone can fight in that thing." – Kakita Kaizen
Reprieve crab There is one more thing that must be done.
Resourcefulness crane Daidoji dōjō occasionally send students into the wilderness for one week alone, challenging them with a pragmatic reality meant to prepare them for future battles against overwhelming opposition.
Retreat neutral "The astute warrior who lives reaps three victories over the foolish warrior who dies." – Book of Sun Tao
Revered Bonshō dragon "The gong of the temple bell echoes the destiny that awaits us all."
Ride On unicorn "Why would we settle down like some indulgent Bayushi, when we draw strength from our unique freedom?" - Moto Rurame
Ride Them Down unicorn "We will bring the war to the Lion." – Moto Juro
Righteous Magistrate neutral Her gaze silences dissent.
Righteous Samurai lion "Unlike you, my actions are above reproach."
Ring of Binding unicorn "For the next thousand days and a day, may you contemplate the suffering you have wrought upon the lives of innocents."
Roving Michibiku phoenix "The truth of the world can be found sitting at the riverside. The river never begins, the river never ends. All of life is like the river, lessons never begin and lessons never end." – Tao of Shinsei
Saadiyah al-Mozedu Unique unicorn "When I turned sixteen I vowed to escape or to die in the attempt, thereby to free my father to act against the caliph's tyranny."
Sadane Student crane "How adorable that you would wear something your little brother made for you."
Sake House Confidant scorpion “Would you like to concede?”
Samurai of Integrity lion "Your soldiers will follow you into the darkest valley, and fight in the blackest night, if they are illuminated by your honor." – Akodo's Leadership
Savvy Politician crane For each of her accomplishments, she defended the praised to those around her, and in this manner their loyalty was secured.
Scarlet Sabre unicorn Vibrant tassles often adorn Unicorn blades, their Ujik meaning largely forgotten.
Scene of the Crime dragon "See where the latch was splintered – this was not the work of shinobi, as they would have us believe."
Seal of the Crab crab In the name of Lord Hida Kisada, Defender of the Wall
Seal of the Crane crane In the name of her Elegance, Lady Doji Hotaru, Trusted Left Hand of the Emperor, Beautiful Mistress of the Arts, Skillful Daimyō‏‎ of the Doji, and Indomitable Champion of the Crane Clan.
Seal of the Dragon dragon In the name of Togashi Yokuni, the Enlightened, Master of the High House of Light, and Champion of the Dragon Clan
Seal of the Lion lion In the name of His Excellency, the Right Hand of the Emperor, High General, Champion of the Lion, and Daimyō of the Akodo, Toturi, son of Daio, son of Kozue, daughter of Yokutsune...
Seal of the Phoenix phoenix In the name of Lady Shiba Tsukune, the Soul of Shiba, Protector of the Council, Keeper of the Tao, Daimyō of the Shiba, and Champion of the Phoenix Clan.
Seal of the Scorpion scorpion In the name of Lord Bayushi Shoju, the Most Dutiful, Master of Secrets, among other titles known and unknown, Daimyō of the Bayushi, and the Champion of the Scorpion Clan
Seal of the Unicorn unicorn In the name of Lady Shinjo Altansarnai, Seeker of the Setting Sun, Khan of Khans, Mistress of the Five Winds, Daimyo of the Shinjo, and the Champion of the Unicorn Clan
Seasoned Patroller unicorn "I could barely shoot a bow at her age, and she's alread off winning a war!" – Grandmother Sakae
Seeker of Enlightenment dragon "What is not wisdom?"
Seeking Enlightenment dragon “The path to enlightenment is one that must be walked alone.” – Togashi Hassuno
Sententious Poet crane "Please allow me to finish your composition. Your words inspire me towards the battle chants of the Moto."
Seppun Guardsman neutral "Our cousins, the Otomo, secure the Empire. We secure the Emperor."
Seppun Ishikawa Unique neutral "You are not worthy of her, Toturi-sama."
Seppun Truthseeker neutral "The number of Scorpions in our Emperor's counsel concerns me. I am certain they do not operate without an agenda."
Serene Warrior phoenix The real battle is fought against one's self.
Severed From the Stream phoenix "There is no place for you, not even the Void."
Shadowlands Hunter crab "Anyone willing to take on the Shadowlands in their own domain its either a paragon of courage or foolishly reckless. I have yet to meet any paragons." – Toritaka Taguchi
Shambling Servant shadowlands Nothing is wasted in the courts of the wicked.
Shameful Affliction shadowlands His mind raced as the makeup diminished in his cup. He would have to find more, at any cost, lest he be betrayed by the evil beneath his skin.
Shameless Gossip scorpion "I understand it was Seijuro-sama who was seen leaving the commander's battle tent when dawn broke."
Sharpen the Mind lion Even in peace, the warrior's mind cannot rest.
Sharpened Tsuruhashi crab The builder's ax makes no distinction between wood or skull.
Shepherd of Visages scorpion “Remember, we each wear a mask.”
Shiba Peacemaker phoenix A lifetime of peace is worth a moment of war.
Shiba Tetsu Unique phoenix “All that matters is that I serve my clan as best I am able.”
Shiba Tsukune Unique phoenix "I will do my best."
Shika Matchmaker neutral Though they do not share their art often, matchmakers of the Deer Clan readily guide those in need toward fruitful and enduring partnerships.
Shiksha Scout unicorn "We have seen much that is strange from the world. That our allies might be called strange is merely a compliment." – Shinjo Altansarnai
Shinjo Altansarnai Unique unicorn "This steed will not be broken to rein and saddle, nor will I compromise my clan in the name of peace."
Shinjo Altansarnai (AHD) Unique unicorn "We shall fight together."
Shinjo Ambusher unicorn "Entering an unfamiliar forest was your first mistake."
Shinjo Gunsō unicorn "March divided. Attack united." – from the tactics of Shinjo Khulan Khan
Shinjo Haruko Unique unicorn "I will forge my own destiny, and I do not need some treaty to do it."
Shinjo Outrider unicorn "I'm on my way."
Shinjo Saddle unicorn Among the Unicorn, one inherits more than just a daishō.
Shinjo Scout unicorn “The Scorpion have eyes in every court. We have eyes everywhere else.”
Shinjo Trailblazer unicorn "Do you fear what lies beyond your sight?"
Shinomen Wayfinders unicorn "There are strange creatures that lie within Shinomen that are… unlikely to greet us as friends. Stay on your guard." — Shinjo Tatsuo
Shintao Monastery dragon With simple ritual and meditation, one lets go of the Three Sins: Desire, Fear, and Regret.
Shiotome Encampment unicorn "We need not mar the purity of our intentions with mere words."
Shoshi ni Kie dragon “If it gets me through the day, it is enough.”
Shosuro Actor scorpion “All of life is a festival, and all are celebrants.”
Shosuro Deceiver scorpion "When you are but one face in a crowd of many, you are everywhere."
Shosuro Denmaru Unique scorpion "I fear I can offer nothing of value for your investigation. I generally leave matters of murder in Denmaru's hands." – Shosuro Hyobu
Shosuro Hametsu Unique scorpion Through blackmail, lies, and poison, he schemes to see his sister fall.
Shosuro Hyobu Unique scorpion "We have such pleasure to be enjoyed here. The finest wines. Gardens of rare flowers. The most meticulously trained geisha. All to soothe or calm your senses."
Shosuro Ibuki Unique scorpion "So long as they fear the knife's subtlety, you can trust you will remain safe at court."
Shosuro Sadako Unique scorpion Beneath the mask of the shinobi, nothing.
Shosuro Takao Unique scorpion Yojiro paused, unsure of how to read the next word. The characters read "shadow" and "form," but that introduced a paradox. Shadows had no form.
Shrewd Investigator dragon “I know of every possible hiding place in a palace such as this.”
Shrine Maiden phoenix "My family has protected this shrine for generations, and we shall protect it for generations more."
Shrine to Jigoku shadowlands "The gong of the temple bell echoes the destiny that awaits us all."
Siege Captain crab He names each weapon he constructs after a Crab warrior who died bravely in battle, that their spirit might know revenge. And yet as fast as his hands work, the list of names grows faster still.
Silent Enforcer scorpion They betray not even a whisper.
Silent Skirmisher crab Even the warriors of the Crab whisper fearfully of the uncanny efficiency illustrated by Forgotten samurai.
Silver-Tongued Magistrate crane “A beautiful Empire can only be build upon beautiful laws.”
Sinister Peacekeeper scorpion “Do you truly wish for open war between our clans?”
Skeletal Warrior shadowlands Prior to the rise of the dark sorcerer Iuchiban in the sixth century, burials were a common and revered practice in Rokugan. Yet even after Iuchiban's defeat, his power to resurrect the dead in service of Jigoku remained. Now, Imperial Law requires that sacred ancestors' remains be immolated to keep safe their descendants.
Slaughtered Village crab The fallen rider left with empty hands, having taken everything it had come for.
Slovenly Scavenger neutral "No wonder they're always so weak and scrawny." – Hiruma Izumi