Heart of the Mountain

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Heart of the Mountain
Story hline.png
Author Keith Ryan Kappel
Release Date 2020-06-10
Previous The Sea and the Sun's Shadow
Next A Missive from the Front
Source Heart of the Mountain
Cycle/Set Temptations Cycle

For years, the Mantis Clan has been shunned by the Great Clans of Rokugan, regarded as little more than pirates and scavengers. Despite these lowly beginnings, the Mantis daimyō, Yoritomo, has ambitions that run far higher… and even now, he chases a legend from Rokugan’s misty past in his unending search for recognition. As Yoritomo’s quest heats up, there are certain to be dramatic consequences for the Mantis Clan and the entire Emerald Empire

You can read this story of the Mantis Clan today! "Heart of the Mountain" by Keith Ryan Kappel.