Hiruma family

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The Hiruma family supports the Hida family as scouts and bodyguards.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hiruma are the seconds to the Hida; smaller and less physically imposing, their agility and observational skills are a great boon for scouting. They are also favored as bodyguards for Crab Clan diplomats, because unlike the Hida they tend to be quiet and perceptive, avoiding offense and assisting their charge.

During a previous invasion, the ancestral Hiruma lands were swallowed by the Shadowlands and now sit on the wrong side of the Kaiu Wall. This traumatic event had several important impacts. First, it led to the creation of a group of berserkers in the Hiruma who will stop at nothing to reclaim their lost home. Second, it has resulted in Hiruma scouts training with Shinjo family scouts from the Unicorn Clan, improving ties between the two Clans.