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Honor (honor) is a resource used for card draw, dueling, and some victory conditions. Your starting honor is determined by your Stronghold.

Winning and Losing[]

A player immediately wins the game if they have twenty-five honor and immediately loses the game if they have zero honor.[1]

Draw Phase[]

Diagram showing the Honor Dial and honor token

During the Draw Phase players make secret bids on an Honor Dial to draw cards. Both players choose a number between one and five and reveal their choices simultaneously; if a player bid higher they must pay the difference to the lower bidding player. Then, each player draws cards equal to the number they chose.[2]


During a duel, players compare the relevant stat of the opposed characters. In addition to this they make a bid on their honor dial similar to the draw phase. The higher bidder pays honor to the lower one, and the numbers chosen are added to the character's stat for determining who wins the duel.[3]

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