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Honor in Flames
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Product Code L5C37
Release Date 2020-12-04 [1]
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Cycle Temptations Cycle

Honor in Flames is the second Dynasty Pack of the Temptations Cycle and features 60 brand-new cards (three copies each of nineteen different cards and one copy each of three different cards) to enhance your favorite decks and introduce new mechanics to the game, such as the Dire keyword that opens up new abilities when a character has no fate on them! [2]

The cover art of this set by Leo Avero is from the card Raze to the Ground.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
40 Unhallow phoenix Conflict Attachment Mahō. Spell. Earth. This card's fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Attach to an unbroken province you control.
Attached province gets +3 strength.
As an additional cost to declare 1 or more defenders during a conflict at attached province, you must lose 1 honor.
44 Curse of Misfortune neutral Conflict Attachment Condition. Curse. Each other attachment on attached character gains restricted.
37 Raze to the Ground crane Conflict Event Earth role only.
Reaction: After you win a military conflict against a non-stronghold province, dishonor a participating (friendly) character and break a faceup (friendly) province – break the attacked province.
35 Reserve Tents unicorn Dynasty Holding Battlefield. Action: During a conflict, choose a character you control – move that character to the conflict. (Limit twice per round.)
32 Guardian Dōjō phoenix Dynasty Holding Dōjō. Characters played from adjacent provinces enter play honored and you cannot place fate on them when they are played.
23 The Way of Peace crane Province Interrupt: When this province is broken, choose up to 3 characters – honor each of those characters.
24 The Roar of the Lioness lion Province X is equal to half the amount of honor in your honor pool, rounded up.
25 Cycle of Vengeance neutral Province Interrupt: When this province is broken, choose a character – place 1 fate on that character and honor it.
39 Under Amaterasu's Gaze lion Conflict Attachment Battlefield. Attach to an unbroken province. Limit 1 Battlefield attachment per province.
During conflicts at attached province, increase the cost for each player to play each card from their hand by 1, unless that player has at least 5 more honor than their opponent.
42 Shape the Flesh scorpion Conflict Attachment Mahō. Spell. Water. This card’s fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Attached character gains covert and cannot be honored.
26 Silent Skirmisher crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Berserker. Action: During a conflict, sacrifice another character – this character gets +2 military until the end of the conflict.
31 Steward of Cryptic Lore phoenix Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Scholar. Dire – This character gets +3Political. (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
Action: During an earth conflict, select one – the attacked province gets +3 strength or -3 strength until the end of the conflict.
29 Perfect Land Believer dragon Dynasty Character Peasant. Heretic. While this character is ordinary, it gets +2 military and +2 Political.
41 Messenger of Misfortune scorpion Conflict Character Courtier. Courtesy. (When this character leaves play, gain 1 fate.)
27 Master of Jade crab Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Keeper role only.
Action: Lose 2 honor. Choose a character – place 1 fate on that character.
28 Daidoji Uji (HiF) Unique crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Daimyō. Shinobi. While this character is honored, you may play each card underneath it as if it were in your hand.
Reaction: After this character enters play – search your conflict deck for 4 cards and place them underneath this character facedown (out of play). When this character leaves play, remove each facedown card underneath it from the game.
30 Commander of the Legions lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Commander. Each other lion character you control gets +1 military.
During the fate phase, if you have at least 5 more honor than an opponent, fate cannot be removed from lion characters you control with printed cost 3 or lower.
36 Darkness Rising crab Conflict Event Mahō. Spell. Water. Water role only.
This card's fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Action: During a conflict, dishonor a (friendly) participating character – bow each participating character with lower military skill than that of the dishonored character.
34 Nimble Noyan unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Commander. Keeper role only.
Dire – While this character is participating in a conflict, bowed participating characters contribute their skill toward the resolution of the conflict. (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
43 Shadow Steed unicorn Conflict Attachment Creature. Mahō. Spell. Water. This card's fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Attached character gains the Cavalry trait.
Action: If attached character has no fate on it, lose 1 honor – ready attached character.
33 Shoju's Diviner scorpion Dynasty Character Shugenja. Air. Imperial. Dire – This character gains: "Action: Look at the top 8 cards of your conflict deck. Then, discard any number of those cards and put the rest back on top in any order". (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
38 Shoshi ni Kie dragon Conflict Event Heresy. Water role only.
Action: Reveal a (friendly) facedown province. Choose an ordinary character – ready that character.