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Disambig.png This article is about the Dynasty Pack. For the card and lore, see Into the Forbidden City (card).
Into the Forbidden City
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Product Code L5C04
Release Date 2017-11-23 [1]
Previous For Honor and Glory
Next The Chrysanthemum Throne
Cycle Imperial Cycle

Into the Forbidden City is the third Dynasty Pack of the Imperial Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards. [2]


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
58 Chasing the Sun unicorn Conflict Event Seeker role only.
Action: During a conflict in which you are the attacking player – move the contested ring to another eligible province and reveal it, if able. That province is now the attacked province.
48 Child of the Plains unicorn Dynasty Character Cavalry. Scout. Reaction: After a province this character is attacking is revealed – the attacker has the first action opportunity this conflict.
59 Tattered Missive neutral Conflict Attachment Item. Attach to a Courtier character you control.
Action: Bow attached character – search the top 5 cards of your conflict deck for a card, reveal it, and add it to your hand. Shuffle.
54 Test of Courage lion Conflict Event Action: During a conflict, if your honor bid is lower than your opponent's, choose a lion character you control – move that character to the conflict. Then, honor it.
53 Ageless Crone lion Conflict Character Courtier. During a conflict in which this character is participating, increase the cost for each player to play each event by 1.
52 Mantra of Water dragon Conflict Event Kihō. Water. Reaction: After your opponent declares a water conflict, choose a Monk character or a character with a Monk attachment – ready that character and draw 1 card.
51 Seal of the Crab crab Conflict Attachment Item. Seal. Attached character gains the crab clan symbol and the Berserker trait.
50 Hiruma Skirmisher crab Conflict Character Bushi. Scout. Reaction: After you play this character – it gains covert until the end of the phase.
49 War Dog Master unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After this character is declared as an attacker, discard the top card of your dynasty deck – this character gets +Xmilitary until the end of the conflict. X is the printed cost of the discarded card.
57 Misinformation scorpion Conflict Event Action: During a conflict, if your honor bid is at least 2 higher than your opponent's – each participating character your opponent controls gets -1military and -1Political until the end of the conflict.
41 Feast or Famine neutral Province Fire role only.
Interrupt: When this province is broken, choose an opponent's character – move 1 fate from that character to a character you control.
56 Bayushi Kachiko Unique scorpion Conflict Character Courtier. Imperial. Action: While this character is participating in a Political conflict, choose a participating character with lower Political skill than this character – move the chosen character home. Then, you may bow it.
46 Prodigy of the Waves phoenix Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Action: While the water ring is claimed – ready this character.
45 Enigmatic Magistrate dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. Magistrate. While this character is attacking, only characters that have an odd printed cost count their skill toward the resolution of this conflict.
47 Back-Alley Hideaway scorpion Dynasty Holding City. Interrupt: When a scorpion character you control leaves play – attach that character to this holding facedown instead of placing it in its owner's discard pile.
Action: Play an attached facedown character from this holding as if it were in this province. Then, sacrifice this holding.
55 Benten's Touch phoenix Conflict Event Spell. Air. Action: During a conflict, bow a (friendly) phoenix Shugenja character. Choose a participating character you control – honor that character.
44 Chisei District Unique crane Dynasty Holding Imperial. Limit 1 per deck.
military conflicts cannot be declared against this holding's province.
43 Kakita Yoshi Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Daimyō. Imperial. Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, discard the Imperial Favor – draw 3 cards. Reduce the cost of each event you play during this conflict by 2.
42 Public Forum neutral Province Cannot be a stronghold province.
Interrupt: When this province would be broken, if there are no honor tokens on it – place 1 honor token on it instead.
60 Censure neutral Conflict Event Imperial. Play only if you have the Imperial Favor.
Interrupt: When the effects of an event would initiate – cancel those effects.