Isawa family

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The Isawa family is the dominant family in the Phoenix Clan. They make up the majority of shugenja in their clan and possibly in Rokugan as a whole.

Description[edit | edit source]

Isawa was a powerful sorceror, and possibly the first to master the art of communing with the kami that would become the shugenja way. At the founding of the Phoenix Clan he received a sworn oath from Kami Shiba that his family would be protected forever, and his most powerful descendants continue to lead the clan through the Elemental Council. While they have a reputation for arrogance, their power is enough to convince many that it's justified.

The Isawa Family as a whole produces the most shugenja of any family in Rokugan by far, and the most powerful as well. They alone among the shugenja families of the Empire can master the element of Void, and they are the unquestioned experts when it comes to magical research and religious matters. As is common among shugenja family they hold to an ideology of pacifism and try to maintain peace.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

  • Isawa Masahiro: A loyal member of the Phoenix Clan and a skilled fire shugenja.