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The Kaiu Wall, also called the Carpenter Wall, is a massive defensive fortification that separates Rokugan from the Shadowlands. It is garrisoned and maintained by the Crab Clan.

The Kaiu Wall is a trait found on Province cards.


The Kaiu Wall was built following an invasion by The Maw, a powerful Oni. This invasion resulted in the loss of a significant part of the Crab Clan's lands, including the ancestral lands of the Hiruma family and the Kuni family, before it was stalled out by a powerful Kuni shugenja at the River of the Last Stand. While the invasion was held up the Kaiu family went to work laying out the foundations the Kaiu Wall, completing the initial construction in just 73 days. This was enough to stop the advance of the Shadowlands, and the Kaiu family has been hard at working expanding and maintaining it ever since.

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