Kakita Toshimoko

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Unique Kakita Toshimoko
Kakita Toshimoko.png
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Clan crane

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Duelist.
Stats 4 fate / 4 military / 3 Political / 2 glory
Text Box Interrupt: When this character would lose a conflict, initiate a military duel against a character your opponent controls of his or her choice — resolve the duel. If this character wins, instead of resolving the conflict as normal, both players count 0 total skill in the conflict. (Return the contested ring to te unclaimed ring pool. The conflict has no winner.)
Illus. Agri Karuniawan
Set, ID Children of the Empire, 14

Kakita Toshimoko is an old sensei of the Crane Clan. He is a member of the Kakita family, brother to Kakita Yoshi and uncle to Doji Hotaru.

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