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The Kakita family are skilled artisans and renowned duelists from the Crane Clan.


Kakita was a lone warrior from the northern lands, skilled in a unique style of swordsmanship he had taught himself. He entered a grand tournament held by the first Emperor Kami Hantei to determine his champion and defeated every opponent; in the process he began a long standing feud between his family and the Matsu family of the Lion Clan, which continues to cause enmity between the clans. Hantei and he became fast friends and he was offered the Kami Doji's hand in marriage. After some trials to earn her approval the two were wed and their children would found the Doji family and the Kakita family.

The Kakita are perfectionists, masters of every art form and the pride of the Crane. While they are most regarded by the militaristic clans for their mastery of Kakita's unique dueling style, they are also the artists, poets, and craftsmen who create the exquisite art that the Crane are known for.

Notable Members[]