Keeper Initiate
Keeper Initiate.png
Story hline.png
Clan Neutral.png

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Monk.
Stats 2 Fate.png / 1 Military.png / 1 Political.png / 2 Glory.png
Text Box Keeper role only.
Reaction: After you claim a ring that matches the element of your role – put this character into play from your dynasty discard pile or provinces. If you do, place 1 fate on this character.
Illus. Sergio Camarena
Set;ID Core Set, 124

Keeper Initiate is a monk character.


The Illustration had been used by AEG in the previous iteration of the game on the card named Introspection.


This card received an erratum. The text should read: "...If you do, place 1 fate on this character." instead of: "...Then, put 1 fate on this character." [1]


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