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The Kuni family are the source of most of the shugenja of the Crab Clan.


The Kuni have an important, dangerous duty: to study the Shadowlands and try to understand how it might be fought. This is essential to properly defending against its threats, but knowledge of the tainted land and its beings tends to corrode the mind and push the Kuni to madness. Unsurprisingly, the other clans of Rokugan tend to view the Kuni with suspicion and fear.

As part of their studies, the Kuni are also masters of anatomy and put their practical knowledge to use alongside their magic to function as some of the best healers in the Empire. Given the taboos within Rokugani society, their experimentation and study of anatomies both human and inhuman would see them reviled by the other clans, so they take care to keep their studies hidden.

Unusually for the Crab, the Kuni family maintains good relations with the Yogo family of the Scorpion Clan, as both families place special emphasis on fighting the forces of darkness.