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Lion Clan
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Champion Akodo Toturi
Families AkodoIkomaKitsuMatsu

The Lion Clan is a Great Clan led by its Champion Akodo Toturi.


Sitting opposed to the Crane's political skills is the pure military might of the Lion Clan. Every samurai who lives in Rokugan measures courage, honor, and duty against the standard set by the Lion Clan. With the largest standing army in Rokugan, the Lion have earned their place as the Right Hand of the Emperor. Above all, the Lion Clan lives, breathes, and dies for the Emperor and Rokugan. Should the interests of the Emperor and the welfare of the Empire diverge, toward what deadly paths or dishonorable fates would the Lion march?

The Lion are a proud, aggressive, and violent clan that leverages its strong military skill to win conflicts. Lion decks frequently aim to swarm the play area with characters, strengthening their presence through numbers. However, Lion characters with political skill are harder to come by, so it's important to have some extra fate to keep your few courtiers and politicians in play.[1]

Major Families[]

  • Akodo family: Warrior-scholars who dedicate themselves to mastering the art of war, they are perfectionist tacticians who value the code of Bushidō highly.
  • Ikoma family: Emotional, pragmatic, and dedicated historians, they are the most common courtiers sent from Lion lands.
  • Kitsu family: A relatively small family of shugenja who descend from ancient lion spirits.
  • Matsu family: Brash, hot blooded warriors who define the Lion stereotype, they are the backbone of the Lion's famed army and provide the majority of its bushi.


Cards of the Lion Clan

Name Set ID Deck Type
A Legion of One Meditations on the Ephemeral 116 Conflict Event
Prove Your Skill Under Fu Leng's Shadow 106 Conflict Event
Obstinate Recruit Core Set 67 Dynasty Character
Peerless Discipline Under Fu Leng's Shadow 108 Conflict Event
Persuasive Counselor Shoju's Duty 117 Dynasty Character
Prepare for War The Emperor's Legion 25 Conflict Event
Prepared Ambush Rokugan at War 19 Conflict Attachment
Procedural Interference Twisted Loyalties 9 Dynasty Event
Quarrelsome Youth A Champion's Foresight 97 Dynasty Character
My Ancestor's Strength The Ebb and Flow 77 Conflict Event
Raging Battleground All and Nothing 81 Province
Ready for Battle Core Set 165 Conflict Event
Reconnaissance The Temptation of the Scorpion 80 Conflict Event
Regal Bearing The Children of Heaven 84 Conflict Event
Renowned Singer Twisted Loyalties 18 Conflict Character
Restored Heirloom Elements Unbound 117 Conflict Attachment
Revered Ikoma Twisted Loyalties 8 Dynasty Character
Ninkatoshi Unique Rokugan at War 4 Province
Miwaku Kabe Guard Fate Has No Secrets 86 Dynasty Character
Righteous Akodo Clan War 41 Dynasty Character
Matsu Berserker Core Set 69 Dynasty Character
Lion's Pride Paragon A Crimson Offering 51 Dynasty Character
Logistics Spreading Shadows 45 Conflict Event
Makeshift War Camp In Pursuit of Truth 65 Conflict Attachment
Master Tactician In Pursuit of Truth 57 Dynasty Character
Master of the Spear Core Set 161 Conflict Character
Matsu Agetoki Unique Defenders of Rokugan 20 Dynasty Character
Matsu Beiona Unique Core Set 76 Dynasty Character
Matsu Gohei Unique The Emperor's Legion 6 Dynasty Character
Meticulous Scout The Temptation of the Scorpion 71 Dynasty Character
Matsu Koso Unique Seekers of Wisdom 14 Dynasty Character
Matsu Mitsuko Unique All and Nothing 88 Dynasty Character
Matsu Seventh Legion Breath of the Kami 7 Dynasty Character
Matsu Swiftspear Justice for Satsume 53 Dynasty Character
Matsu Tsuko Unique Children of the Empire 24 Dynasty Character
Matsu Tsuko (TEL) Unique The Emperor's Legion 11 Dynasty Character
Medium of the Living Soul Clan War 43 Dynasty Character
Right Hand of the Emperor The Emperor's Legion 26 Conflict Event
Righteous Samurai Atonement 121 Dynasty Character
Kyūden Ikoma Unique The Emperor's Legion 1 Stronghold
Ujiaki's Offer Peace at Any Cost 126 Conflict Event
The Fires of Justice Children of the Empire 63 Conflict Event
The Roar of the Lioness Honor in Flames 24 Province
Time for War Tears of Amaterasu 15 Conflict Event
Tireless Sōdan Senzo The Ebb and Flow 65 Dynasty Character
Total Warfare The Emperor's Legion 22 Conflict Attachment
True Strike Kenjutsu Children of the Empire 61 Conflict Attachment
Under Amaterasu's Gaze Honor in Flames 39 Conflict Attachment
Test of Courage Into the Forbidden City 54 Conflict Event
Under Siege Campaigns of Conquest 89 Conflict Event
Unified Company A Champion's Foresight 98 Dynasty Character
Venerable Historian Core Set 73 Dynasty Character
Vengeful Oathkeeper Core Set 160 Conflict Character
Voice of the Ancestors The Emperor's Legion 10 Dynasty Character
Way of the Lion Core Set 167 Conflict Event
Writ of Authority Tainted Lands 35 Conflict Attachment
The Art of War Core Set 11 Province
Take Up Command Clan War 76 Conflict Attachment
Samurai of Integrity The Emperor's Legion 5 Dynasty Character
Staging Ground Core Set 80 Dynasty Holding
Sashimono Core Set 164 Conflict Attachment
Seal of the Lion Fate Has No Secrets 95 Conflict Attachment
Seeker of Earth Core Set 215B Role
Sharpen the Mind Justice for Satsume 63 Conflict Attachment
Shori Unique In Pursuit of Truth 66 Conflict Attachment
Spectral Visitation Spreading Shadows 27 Province
Spiritcaller Prodigy Atonement 133 Conflict Character
Stand Your Ground Core Set 166 Conflict Event
Tactician's Camp Children of the Empire 25 Dynasty Holding
Steadfast Samurai Core Set 70 Dynasty Character
Steward of the Rich Frog Justice for Satsume 54 Dynasty Character
Strategizing Clan War 16 Province
Strength in Numbers Core Set 169 Conflict Event
Student of War Children of the Empire 23 Dynasty Character
Tactical Ingenuity The Emperor's Legion 21 Conflict Attachment
Tactician's Apprentice All and Nothing 87 Dynasty Character
Lion's Pride Brawler Core Set 75 Dynasty Character
Kitsu Warrior Elements Unbound 107 Dynasty Character
A War on Two Fronts Peace at Any Cost 127 Conflict Event
Conduit of Heroes Coils of Power 94 Dynasty Character
Bushidō Adherent Clan War 44 Dynasty Character
Called to War Clan War 77 Conflict Event
Champions of Yomi Unique The Emperor's Legion 12 Dynasty Character
Chronicler of Conquests Spreading Shadows 35 Dynasty Character
Command Respect For the Empire 19 Conflict Event
Commander of the Legions Honor in Flames 30 Dynasty Character
Deathseeker Core Set 72 Dynasty Character
Beastmaster Matriarch Meditations on the Ephemeral 106 Dynasty Character
Directing the Battle Under Fu Leng's Shadow 107 Conflict Event
Dishonorable Assault Bonds of Blood 23 Province
Divine Ancestry As Honor Demands 110 Conflict Event
Embrace Death The Emperor's Legion 23 Conflict Event
Even the Odds Breath of the Kami 18 Conflict Event
Exposed Courtyard Atonement 122 Dynasty Holding
Fan of Command A Champion's Foresight 106 Conflict Attachment
Blade of 10,000 Battles For the Empire 17 Conflict Attachment
Battlefield Orders Coils of Power 105 Conflict Event
Feeding An Army A Crimson Offering 61 Conflict Event
Akodo Reserve Company Rokugan at War 10 Dynasty Character
Ageless Crone Into the Forbidden City 53 Conflict Character
Akodo Gunsō Core Set 71 Dynasty Character
Akodo Kaede Unique Bonds of Blood 28 Dynasty Character
Akodo Kage Unique Underhand of the Emperor 14 Dynasty Character
Akodo Makoto Unique Masters of the Court 16 Dynasty Character
Akodo Mastermind Under Fu Leng's Shadow 86 Dynasty Character
Akodo Motivator The Emperor's Legion 9 Dynasty Character
Akodo Toshiro Unique The Chrysanthemum Throne 67 Dynasty Character
Battle Aspirant Clan War 42 Dynasty Character
Akodo Toturi (Lion Clan) Unique Core Set 79 Dynasty Character
Akodo Zentarō Unique For the Empire 9 Dynasty Character
All Out Assault Clan War 78 Conflict Event
Ancestral Armory The Fires Within 47 Dynasty Holding
Ancestral Sight Coils of Power 104 Conflict Attachment
Ardent Omoidasu The Emperor's Legion 7 Dynasty Character
Ashigaru Levy The Emperor's Legion 4 Dynasty Character
Fearless Skirmisher As Honor Demands 100 Dynasty Character
Field Tactician Under Fu Leng's Shadow 85 Dynasty Character
Kitsu Spiritcaller Core Set 74 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Tsanuri (CoC) Unique Campaigns of Conquest 79 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Ikehata Unique The Fires Within 46 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Kiyono Unique The Children of Heaven 74 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Message Runner Clan War 40 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Orator Children of the Empire 22 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Prodigy Core Set 68 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Reservist Tainted Lands 34 Conflict Character
Ikoma Tsanuri Unique Disciples of the Void 16 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Tsanuri (PaP) Unique Print and Play D04 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Anakazu Unique Warriors of the Wind 26 Conflict Character
Ikoma Ujiaki Unique For Honor and Glory 26 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Ujiaki (PaAC) Unique Peace at Any Cost 117 Dynasty Character
Implacable Magistrate The Chrysanthemum Throne 68 Dynasty Character
In Service to My Lord Shoju's Duty 127 Conflict Event
Kamayari For Honor and Glory 35 Conflict Attachment
Kenson no Gakka Unique The Emperor's Legion 2 Province
Kitsu Motso Unique The Emperor's Legion 8 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Eiji Unique Core Set 78 Dynasty Character
Honored Veterans As Honor Demands 101 Dynasty Event
For Greater Glory Core Set 168 Conflict Event
Hand to Hand Children of the Empire 62 Conflict Event
Forebearer's Echoes Bonds of Blood 39 Conflict Event
Forward Garrison A Crimson Offering 52 Dynasty Holding
Gifted Tactician Tears of Amaterasu 7 Dynasty Character
Glorious Victory Children of the Empire 64 Conflict Event
Guard Duty The Chrysanthemum Throne 76 Conflict Attachment
Guidance of the Ancestors Core Set 162 Conflict Attachment
Hall of Victories The Emperor's Legion 13 Dynasty Holding
Hayaken no Shiro Unique Campaigns of Conquest 71 Stronghold
Honored General Core Set 77 Dynasty Character
Hero of Three Trees Shoju's Duty 116 Dynasty Character
Heroic Resolve The Ebb and Flow 76 Conflict Attachment
Hisu Mori Toride (Lion Clan) Unique Breath of the Kami 1 Stronghold
Hito District Unique Tears of Amaterasu 8 Dynasty Holding
Honor in Battle The Emperor's Legion 24 Conflict Event
Honorable Challenger Children of the Empire 21 Dynasty Character
Honored Blade Core Set 163 Conflict Attachment
Yōjin no Shiro Unique Core Set 4 Stronghold