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Mantis Clan
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Champion Yoritomo
Families Families of the Fleet

The Mantis Clan is a Minor Clan of Rokugan. They maintain their holdings on the Islands of Silks and Spice to the South-East of mainland Rokugan.[1]


The Mantis Clan is a minor clan that consists of rugged sailors that have developed from a loose knit alliance of merchants, ronin, and members of the Great Clans that were cast-out for various reasons. They operate primarily off the coastline of mainland Rokugan, while maintaining their own holdings in the Islands of Silk and Spice, which are located to the South-East of the mainland. Great Clans have historically hired the Mantis Clan as mercenaries and pirates, with the Crane Clan having been a major client. With the tsunami having ravages the Crane Clan, and the turmoil caused by it the Mantis Clan as of late have been looking elsewhere for new allies. The Mantis clan, along with the Unicorn Clan, are one of the few clans that have had a large amount of interaction with foreign cultures. As a minor clan that has risen up from the dregs of society they are not quick to look down upon those of a lower station in Rokugani society.[1]


The Mantis Clan live and die by the sea, it is integral to their culture and their way of life. This is doubly true due to the fact that they reside on a series of islands off the coast of Rokugan. The Mantis Clan are well known for their openness with their interactions with gaijin and trade relations, like those of the Ivory Kingdoms, Pavarre, and the Mwementa Empire, that go far beyond that of the Unicorn Clan. Beyond trade with foreign nations, and mainland Rokugan, the Mantis Clan are well known for commiting acts of piracy. This variety of sources of income has made the mantis rather wealthy, with some of this wealth leading to the the development of schools and a quality of education that is equivalent to those enjoyed by members of the Great Clans of Rokugan,

Religions that originate from gaijin lands are allowed, practiced, and incorporated into a rather loose series of local superstitions. Decorum is barely observed, this is especially true in Gotei City when compared to the mainlanders obsession with proper protocol use and etiquette. The Mantis Clan also follow their own code of conduct called the Sailors Code, which is often followed along with a twisted version of Bushido.

The Mantis Clan also practice an interesting and unique way to create bridges on the tropical islands that they live on. They will grow living bridges, bridges grown from vines that are coaxed to grow together. This can take years to complete and is often done by monks as part of a meditation.[2]


The Mantis Clan always get married over water, be it on a ship, dock, bridge or else-wise. These marriages are also typically conducted by a captain of a ship.[2]

Major Families[]

  • The Families of the Fleet: Due to complex historical issues the Mantis Clan do not have a family name. Instead its samurai all belong to the Mantis Clan fleet, as such they take on the names of the ships they sail with as their family name. Mantis Clan samurai who reside on the land instead are known by the port where they reside.[1]

Named Members[]

  • Fuu: A disciple of Kudaka, twin to Umi.[3]
  • Kai: A male sailor on the Shimakage. [1]
  • Koharu: A female Mantis Clan samurai who was once a ronin for hire before being recognized and added to the clan. [2]
  • Kudaka: A female Tenkinja of the Mantis Clan, priestess of tempests and tides, disciple of Suiten.[3]
  • Shio: Captain of the Shimakage.[1]
  • Tamon: A sailor on the Shimakage.[1]
  • Umi: A disciple of Kudaka, twin to Fuu.[3]
  • Uranaishi no Manami: A female pirate who serves the Mantis Clan, though she wishes she could be seen as a legitimate samurai.
  • Yoritomo: The ambitious Mantis Clan Champion.[4][3][1]

Castles and Holdings[]

  • Kyuden Gotei: Kyuden Gotei is a grandiose, even garish castle located on Gotei Island. It is the traditional home of the Mantis Clan Champion and it is made of stone that has been quarried from the island. The wooden sections are made from the island's exotic tropical trees rather then the trees of the mainland. The roof tiles are also different from the mainland in that these tiles are copper instead of clay. The interior is wide, tall, and open, allowing for ample airflow in the tropical climate. Throughout it is decorated in semi-precious stones, gold, and silver plating. Tropical birds, flowering plants and the like can also be found within the castle.[2]
  • Gotei City: The Capital of the Islands of Silk and Spice, Gotei City is located on the western most island within a small inlet. Gotei city acts as an intermediary for traders from the Ivory Kingdoms and beyond with Rokugan, this makes it the busiest international port in Rokugan. Gotei City is one of the most multicultural cities in Rokugan.[2]
  • Shinden Sanda: A Temple dedicated to the fortune of Fire and thunder located in Inazuma Province. The Temple is famed for it's treasures.[2]


The Mantis Clan military, as most minor clans, is approximately as powerful as a single Great Clan's families military, with exception for the Mantis Clan Navy. [2]


The Spread of the Emperor's Benevolence (42 IC-390 IC)[]

The Mantis Clan was founded by a son of Osono-wo, who was the son of the Kami Hida, Kaimetsu-uo.

The Blooming of the Lotus (435 IC-442 IC)[]

The Mantis Clan were involved in debates regarding trade with the gaijin nation of Pavarre. They viewed trade with the nation as a way to increase their wealth and influence.[2]

Treachery Without and Within (442 IC- 660 IC)[]

The Mantis Clan were involved in the battle of White Stag, and along with the Crane Clan amassed a massive fleet to destroy those gaijin who sought to escape the battle.[2]

A New Wind Blowing (815 IC-1123 IC)[]

With the return of the Unicorn Clan (formerly the Ki-Rin Clan) and their trade from gaijin lands the Mantis Clan increased their own trade in gaijin goods with the mainland.[2]

Dynasty and Conflict Cards[]

Mantis Clan is a trait that can appear on neutral character cards.

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