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Masters of the Court
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Product Code L5C18
Release Date 2019-04-25 [1]
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Cycle Clan Packs

Masters of the Court is the fourth Clan Pack and contains three copies of twenty-five new cards, plus one copy of three new cards. [1]

The cover art of this set by Amélie Hutt is from the card Daidoji Uji.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
20 Political Sanction crane Conflict Attachment Condition. Play only during a Political conflict in which you count more current Political skill than your opponent, and only on a participating character.
Attached character cannot trigger its abilities.
17 Chukan Nobue Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Scholar. Card abilities triggered by your opponents cannot cause cards to be discarded from your hand.
21 Letter of the Daimyō crane Conflict Attachment Item. Attach to a character you control.
Reaction: After attached character wins a Political conflict, sacrifice this attachment – your opponent chooses and discards 2 cards from his or her hand.
5 Beloved Advisor crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Action: Choose an opponent – you and that opponent each draw 1 card.
4 Iwasaki Pupil crane Dynasty Character Geisha. Each player draws 2 fewer cards from honor bids during the draw phase (to a minimum of 1).
3 Support of the Crane neutral Role Crane. Increase your deckbuilding influence value by 8. You may only spend influence on crane clan cards.
10 Benevolent Host crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Reaction: After you play this character, choose a Courtier in your provinces – put that character into play. If that character has a printed cost of 2 or lower, put 1 fate on it.
24 Courteous Scheming crane Conflict Event Action: During a Political conflict, initiate a Political duel against a character your opponent controls of his or her choice – resolve the duel. The controller of the duel's winner may declare an additional Political conflict this phase. (Max 1 per round.)
25 Festival for the Fortunes crane Conflict Event Festival. Action: Honor each character.
7 Maker of Keepsakes crane Dynasty Character Shugenja. Air. This character cannot receive dishonored status tokens.
12 Winter Court Hosts Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. No attachments.
Action: After your opponent plays a card during a conflict in which this character is participating, if you are more honorable than that opponent – draw 1 card. (Unlimited.)
19 Armament Artisan neutral Dynasty Character Bushi. Mantis Clan. Reaction: After another character you control is honored – honor this character.
18 Bayushi Dairu Unique scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. Scholar. Action: During a conflict in which this character is participating, choose a status token on another character in play – move that token to this character.
15 Kitsuki Jusai Unique dragon Dynasty Character Courtier. Daimyō. Reaction: After honor dials are revealed, if your honor bid is equal to an opponent's – move 1 fate from that opponent's fate pool to an unclaimed ring.
1 Kyūden Kakita Unique crane Stronghold Palace. Reaction: After a duel resolves, bow this stronghold and choose a character you control which was involved in the duel – honor that character.
14 Yasuki Fuzake Unique crab Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Interrupt: When this character leaves play, choose up to one character controlled by each player – discard each status token from each of those characters.
27 Daimyō's Gunbai neutral Conflict Attachment Item. Restricted.
Action: During a conflict, if this card is in your hand, reveal it and initiate a military duel against a character your opponent controls of his or her choice — resolve the duel. Put this card into play attached to the duel's winner, if able. Otherwise, discard it.
6 Kakita Favorite crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Duelist. The character gets +2Political while it is involved in a duel.
2 Market of Kaze-no-Kami neutral Province Marketplace. Reaction: After this province is revealed, choose a character that is not honored – bow that character.
26 Shinjo Haruko Unique unicorn Conflict Character Bushi. Cavalry. Action: During a conflict in which this character is participating, choose an honored character – move that character to the conflict.
23 The Spear Rushes Forth crane Conflict Event Philosophy. Action: During a military conflict, discard an honored status token from a participating (friendly) character and choose a participating character your opponent controls – bow that character.
11 Daidoji Uji Unique crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Daimyō. Shinobi. While this character is honored, you may play each character in your provinces as if it were in your hand.
13 Distinguished Dōjō crane Dynasty Holding Dōjō. Reaction: After you win a duel – place 1 honor token on this holding. Then, you may sacrifice this holding to gain honor equal to the number of honor tokens on this holding. (Limit 3 times per round.)
22 Gossip crane Conflict Event Limited. (No more than one limited card can be played by each player each round.)
Action: Name a card. Until the end of the phase, each opponent cannot play cards from his or her hand with that name.
16 Akodo Makoto Unique lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After this character wins a conflict, choose a participating Courtier character – if that character has no fate on it, discard it. Otherwise, remove 1 fate from it.
9 Asahina Takamori Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Shugenja. Air. Daimyō. Reaction: After you play a crane character, choose an opponent's character with equal or lower printed cost – that character cannot be declared as an attacker of defender this round.
8 Kakita Yuri Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Duelist. Action: During a conflict, initiate a Political duel against a character your opponent controls of his or her choice – resolve the duel. The controller of the duel's loser cannot declare military conflicts this phase.
28 Retreat neutral Conflict Event Action: During a military conflict, choose a participating character you control – move that character home.