Matsu Agetoki

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Unique Matsu Agetoki
Matsu Agetoki.png
Story hline.png
Clan lion

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Cavalry. Commander.
Stats 3 fate / 4 military / 2 Political / 2 glory
Text Box Action: During a conflict in which this character is attacking, if you are more honorable than your opponent – move the contested ring to another elegible province and reveal that province, if able. It is now the attacked province.
Flavor "Do not be so quick to put yourself above the Shinjo, nephew. Do you ignore or forget the lesson Moto Tsume taught our family of pride? – Moto Rurame, to Moto Chagatai
Illus. Quintin Gleim
Set, ID Defenders of Rokugan, 20