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Meditations on the Ephemeral
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Product Code L5C07
Release Date 2017-12-14
Previous Fate Has No Secrets
Next Disciples of the Void
Cycle Imperial Cycle

Meditations on the Ephemeral is the sixth Dynasty Pack of the Imperial Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards. [1]

The cover art of this set by Pavel Kolomeyets is from the card Mantra of Water.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
117 Oni Mask scorpion Conflict Attachment Item. Mask. Seeker role only.
Attach to a character you control.
Action: During a conflict, remove 1 fate from attached character. Choose a participating character – treat that character as if its printed text box were blank (except Traits) until the end of the conflict.
108 Kanjo District Unique phoenix Dynasty Holding Imperial. Limit 1 per deck.
Action: During a conflict, discard the Imperial Favor. Choose a participating character – bow that character and move it home.
105 Togashi Mendicant dragon Dynasty Character Monk. Tattooed. Reaction: After the fate phase begins – look at the top 3 cards of your dynasty deck. Then, put them back in any order.
107 Asako Tsuki Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Scholar. Shugenja. Water. Reaction: After the water ring is claimed, choose a Scholar character – honor that character.
106 Beastmaster Matriarch lion Dynasty Character Bushi. This character gets +2 military for each ring in each opponent’s claimed ring pool.
102 Kuni Ritsuko Unique crab Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Reaction: After this character wins a conflict as a defender, choose an attacking character – remove 1 fate from that character.
101 Along the River of Gold neutral Province River. Water role only.
Action: During a conflict at a water province, choose a participating character – switch that character’s base military and Political skill until the end of the conflict.
104 Silver-Tongued Magistrate crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. Magistrate. While this character is attacking, each other character that has no fate on it does not count its skill towards the resolution of this conflict.
103 Iron Mine crab Dynasty Holding Mine. Interrupt: When a character you control would leave play – sacrifice this holding instead.
113 Pillow Book crane Conflict Attachment Item. Action: While attached character is participating in a conflict – reveal the top card of your conflict deck until the end of the conflict. While it remains revealed, you may play that card as if it were in your hand.
119 Talisman of the Sun Unique unicorn Conflict Attachment Item. Meishōdō. Keeper role only.
Action: During a conflict in which you are the defending player, bow this attachment – move the contested ring to another eligible province and reveal it, if able. That province is now the attacked province.
112 Miya Satoshi Unique neutral Dynasty Character Courtier. Daimyō. Imperial. Action: Discard cards from your dynasty deck until you discard an Imperial card. Then, discard a card in a non-stronghold province you control and put the discarded Imperial card into that province, faceup.
120 Mono no Aware neutral Conflict Event Action: Remove 1 fate from each character. Draw 1 card. (Max 1 per round).
118 Seal of the Unicorn unicorn Conflict Attachment Item. Seal. Attached character gains the unicorn clan symbol and the Cavalry trait.
114 Seal of the Dragon dragon Conflict Attachment Item. Seal. Attached character gains the dragon clan symbol and the Monk trait.
110 Illustrious Plagiarist scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. Shugenja. Air. Action: Choose the topmost event in an opponent's conflict discard pile – this character gains each of that event's action abilities until the end of the phase.
109 Sake House Confidant scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. Shinobi. Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, discard the Imperial Favor – each Shinobi character you control gets +2Political until the end of the conflict.
116 A Legion of One lion Conflict Event Action: During a military conflict, choose a character that is participating on your side alone – until the end of the conflict, that character gets +3military. You may remove 1 fate from that character to resolve this ability twice.
115 Written in the Stars dragon Conflict Event Omen. Action: Select one – place 1 fate on each unclaimed ring with no fate or remove 1 fate from each unclaimed ring.
111 Shinjo Scout unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Scout. Rection: After you gain fate for passing in the dynasty phase – gain 1 fate.