Mirumoto Prodigy

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Mirumoto Prodigy
Mirumoto Prodigy.png
Story hline.png
Clan dragon

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Duelist.
Stats 2 fate / 2 military / 2 Political / 1 glory
Text Box While this character is attacking alone, your opponent cannot declare more than one defender.
Flavor Each new opponent showed her more of herself.
Illus. Polar Engine
Set, ID Core Set, 57

Mirumoto Prodigy is a bushi of the Dragon Clan.

The Mirumoto family is known for their Duelist.

Card Meta[edit | edit source]

With an Ancestral Daisho or a similar powerful weapon this character becomes capable to break provinces on their own in a military conflict. Duels or other means to dispose a single defender, like Admit Defeat, are also good choices to play in combination with this character.