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The Mirumoto family is the largest family in the Dragon Clan and typically handles the day to day leadership of the clan.


Mirumoto was a brash, talented warrior renowned for his skills as a tactician and duelist. He developed a unique style of swordsmanship that used both the katana and the wakizashi at the same time, setting him apart from the prevailing schools that focused on the katana alone, and it is said that he never lost a fight. His son, Mirumoto Hojatsu, would later expand on these techniques to write one of Rokugan's classic works: Niten. The Mirumoto family remains the source of some of the finest duelists in Rokugan, and maintains a mostly friendly rivalry with the Kakita family of the Crane Clan.

After meeting the Kami Togashi, Mirumoto changed. No longer the brash, aggressive warrior of his youth, he shaved his head and began studying poetry and art alongside his swordsmanship. This approach that attempted to balance the fierce ways of the bushi with the pious teachings of a monk would be passed down to his descendants, who continue to seek understanding in all facets of life.


The Mirumoto family, especially its founder Mirumoto, is heavily influenced by Miyamoto Musashi. The most obvious link is the phonetic similarities between Miyamoto and Mirumoto. Also the Niten technique favored by this family is inspired by the Niten Ichi-ryū sword school founded by Musashi.