Miya Mystic

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Miya Mystic
Miya Mystic.png
Story hline.png
Clan neutral

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Shugenja. Earth. Imperial.
Stats 2 fate / 1 military / 1 Political / 1 glory
Text Box Action: During the conflict phase, sacrifice this character. Choose an attachment – discard that attachment.
Flavor "Most of my family speak to the citizens of the Empire. I speak to the kami of the land itself."
Illus. Mike Capprotti
Set;ID Core Set, 125

Miya Mystic is a shugenja of the Imperial Miya family.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Illustration had been used by AEG in the previous iteration of the game on the card named Tamori Ruya.
  • During the beta phase of the game, this card's text box did read: Action: During the conflict phase, choose an attachment on an opponent’s character – move that attachment to another character controlled by that opponent, if able.