Mountaintop Statuary

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Mountaintop Statuary
Mountaintop Statuary.png
Story hline.png
Clan dragon

Deck Dynasty
Type Holding
Traits Temple.
Stats +1 Strength
Text Box Reaction: After this holding is turned faceup – move it onto your stronghold province.
Action: During a conflict at this province, sacrifice this holding. Choose and attacking character with printed cost 2 or lower – move that character home.
Illus. Charles Urbach
Set, ID The Chrysanthemum Throne, 66

Mountaintop Statuary is a temple of the Dragon Clan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The card printed by Fantasy Flight Games incorrectly attributes the artwork to Noah Bradley. The correct artist is Charles Urbach, who illustrated the card for Alderac Entertainment Group in the Celestial Edition arc under the title, Pillars of Virtue (Celestial Edition). This was the first appearance of the stronghold and this artwork in the game.

The Celestial Edition stronghold was also associated with the Dragon Clan.

In the Fantasy Flight Games printing, the artwork was reversed to better fit the graphic layout of the card.