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Neutral is everyone and everything that does not belong to one of the seven Great Clans.

Neutral does not mean unaligned however. Many neutral character have traits which describe their allegiance such as Imperial or Ronin.

Neutral cards are marked with an ensō instead of a clan mon.


Name Set ID Deck Type
A Perfect Cut For the Empire 22 Conflict Event
Public Forum Into the Forbidden City 42 Province
Overhear The Children of Heaven 88 Conflict Event
Overlooked Virtues Draft only 2 Province
Peasant's Advice Underhand of the Emperor 28 Conflict Event
Perfect Land Ethos All and Nothing 100 Conflict Event
Pilgrimage Core Set 22 Province
Policy Debate For Honor and Glory 40 Conflict Event
Prayers to Ebisu Children of the Empire 82 Conflict Event
Privileged Position Clan War 79 Conflict Event
Proving Ground Children of the Empire 48 Dynasty Holding
Rally to the Cause Core Set 23 Province
Otomo Courtier Core Set 122 Dynasty Character
Resourceful Mahō-Tsukai A Crimson Offering 57 Dynasty Character
Retreat Masters of the Court 28 Conflict Event
Righteous Magistrate Children of the Empire 44 Dynasty Character
Riot in the Streets For Honor and Glory 22 Province
Rout Core Set 213 Conflict Event
Sabotage Tainted Lands 40 Conflict Event
Second Chances Clan War 7 treaty
Seeker Initiate Core Set 126 Dynasty Character
Seeker of Fire Core Set 216B Role
Seeker of Water Core Set 217B Role
Outwit Core Set 212 Conflict Event
Ornate Fan (PaP) Print and Play - Conflict Attachment
Seize the Day Clan War 93 Conflict Event
Mercenary Company Campaigns of Conquest 85 Dynasty Character
Lost Papers In Pursuit of Truth 61 Dynasty Event
Lurking Affliction Under Fu Leng's Shadow 118 Conflict Event
Make Your Case Twisted Loyalties 22 Conflict Event
Manicured Garden Core Set 19 Province
Mantis Seafarer The Fires Within 60 Conflict Character
Mantis Tenkinja Elements Unbound 111 Dynasty Character
Marauding Oni Tainted Lands 31 Dynasty Character
Market of Kaze-no-Kami Masters of the Court 2 Province
Massing at Twilight Fate Has No Secrets 81 Province
Meditations on the Tao Core Set 20 Province
Midnight Revels Children of the Empire 3 Province
Ornate Fan Core Set 201 Conflict Attachment
Miwaku Kabe Unique For Honor and Glory 30 Dynasty Holding
Miya Library Children of the Empire 47 Dynasty Holding
Miya Mystic Core Set 125 Dynasty Character
Miya Satoshi Unique Meditations on the Ephemeral 112 Dynasty Character
Mono no Aware Meditations on the Ephemeral 120 Conflict Event
Moto Eviscerator Defenders of Rokugan 23 Dynasty Character
Night Raid Core Set 21 Province
Noteworthy Deeds Draft only 4 Province
Offer Testimony Underhand of the Emperor 27 Conflict Event
Oni Tyrant Under Fu Leng's Shadow 96 Dynasty Character
Seeking the Truth The Ebb and Flow 62 Province
Sent to their Deaths Clan War 8 treaty
Kujira's Hireling Children of the Empire 77 Conflict Character
Unveiled Destiny Children of the Empire 78 Conflict Attachment
Temple of the Dragons Children of the Empire 4 Province
Temple of the Thunders Clan War 24 Province
The Imperial Palace Unique The Chrysanthemum Throne 72 Dynasty Holding
The Pursuit of Justice Campaigns of Conquest 73 Province
Those Who Serve The Emperor's Legion 28 Conflict Event
Tides of War Print and Play 1 Conflict Event
Toturi Unique Print and Play D09 Dynasty Character
Trading on the Sand Road Warriors of the Wind 28 Conflict Event
Transgression of Honor Clan War 11 treaty
Unveiled Corruption Under Fu Leng's Shadow 121 Conflict Event
Upholding Authority Tainted Lands 23 Province
Temple of Osano-wo Clan War 22 Province
Upholding Bushido Clan War 12 treaty
Vassal Fields Children of the Empire 5 Province
Venerable Fortunist Clan War 63 Dynasty Character
Walking the Way Disciples of the Void 28 Conflict Event
Wandering Rōnin Core Set 127 Dynasty Character
Waning Hostilities Fate Has No Secrets 100 Conflict Event
Warm Welcome Children of the Empire 81 Conflict Event
Way of the Chrysanthemum The Chrysanthemum Throne 80 Conflict Event
Way of the Warrior Under Fu Leng's Shadow 119 Conflict Event
Weight of Duty Atonement 117 Province
Temple of Shinsei's Wisdom Clan War 23 Province
Temple of Jikoju Clan War 21 Province
Seppun Guardsman Core Set 123 Dynasty Character
Spreading Discontent Clan War 10 treaty
Seppun Hidden Guard Children of the Empire 42 Dynasty Character
Seppun Ishikawa Unique Fate Has No Secrets 90 Dynasty Character
Seppun Truthseeker Underhand of the Emperor 17 Dynasty Character
Shadowed Village A Crimson Offering 55 Dynasty Holding
Shameful Display Core Set 24 Province
Shattered Blades Clan War 9 treaty
Shika Matchmaker Clan War 60 Dynasty Character
Slovenly Scavenger Defenders of Rokugan 32 Conflict Character
Smuggler's Cove A Champion's Foresight 91 Province
Spies at Court Core Set 209 Conflict Event
Stay Your Hand Children of the Empire 80 Conflict Event
Temple of Daikoku Clan War 20 Province
Sudden Tempest Atonement 127 Dynasty Event
Support of the Crab Defenders of Rokugan 3 Role
Support of the Crane Masters of the Court 3 Role
Support of the Dragon Seekers of Wisdom 3 Role
Support of the Lion The Emperor's Legion 3 Role
Support of the Phoenix Disciples of the Void 3 Role
Support of the Scorpion Underhand of the Emperor 3 Role
Support of the Unicorn Warriors of the Wind 3 Role
Tattered Missive Into the Forbidden City 59 Conflict Attachment
Tears of Amaterasu Tears of Amaterasu 2 Province
Lord's Ascendancy Peace at Any Cost 111 Province
Kudaka Unique Breath of the Kami 13 Dynasty Character
A Season of War Rokugan at War 14 Dynasty Event
Courteous Greeting In Pursuit of Truth 51 Province
Censure Into the Forbidden City 60 Conflict Event
Charge! Core Set 210 Conflict Event
City of the Rich Frog Unique Rokugan at War 6 Province
Closed Shell Castle Unique Draft only 1 Stronghold
Cloud the Mind Core Set 202 Conflict Attachment
Cloud the Mind (PaP) Print and Play - Conflict Attachment
Compass Warriors of the Wind 27 Conflict Attachment
Contested Countryside As Honor Demands 106 Dynasty Holding
Contingency Plan Core Set 205 Conflict Event
Court Games Core Set 206 Conflict Event
Cunning Confidant Clan War 61 Dynasty Character
By Onnotangu's Light A Crimson Offering 47 Province
Curse of Misfortune Honor in Flames 44 Conflict Attachment
Cycle of Vengeance Honor in Flames 25 Province
Daimyō's Gunbai Masters of the Court 27 Conflict Attachment
Defend Your Honor Children of the Empire 79 Conflict Event
Defiance Under Fu Leng's Shadow 116 Conflict Event
Demonstrating Excellence Breath of the Kami 3 Province
Deserted Shrine Coils of Power 89 Province
Desertion Clan War 1 treaty
Disciple of Shinsei Spreading Shadows 41 Dynasty Character
Dishonorable Dealings Clan War 2 treaty
Caravan Guard The Emperor's Legion 19 Dynasty Character
Brushfires Twisted Loyalties 2 Province
Elegant Tessen Seekers of Wisdom 27 Conflict Attachment
Allies of Convenience Draft only 14 Role
Abandoning Honor The Fires Within 41 Province
Accursed Summoning Under Fu Leng's Shadow 120 Conflict Event
Akodo Toturi Unique Children of the Empire 45 Dynasty Character
Allied with the Crab Draft only 7 Role
Allied with the Crane Draft only 8 Role
Allied with the Dragon Draft only 9 Role
Allied with the Lion Draft only 10 Role
Allied with the Phoenix Draft only 11 Role
Allied with the Scorpion Draft only 12 Role
Allied with the Unicorn Draft only 13 Role
Along the River of Gold Meditations on the Ephemeral 101 Province
Breach of Etiquette The Fires Within 59 Conflict Event
Ancestral Lands Core Set 15 Province
Appealing to the Fortunes All and Nothing 82 Province
Armament Artisan Masters of the Court 19 Dynasty Character
Aspiring Challenger Children of the Empire 41 Dynasty Character
Assassination Core Set 203 Conflict Event
Audience Chamber Under Fu Leng's Shadow 97 Dynasty Holding
Awakened Tsukumogami Elements Unbound 112 Dynasty Character
Banzai! Core Set 204 Conflict Event
Before the Throne The Chrysanthemum Throne 61 Province
Blood of Onnotangu Tears of Amaterasu 1 Province
Driven By Courage Spreading Shadows 30 Province
Elemental Fury Core Set 16 Province
Kiku Matsuri Children of the Empire 1 Province
Imperial Librarian All and Nothing 92 Dynasty Character
Guardian Kami Disciples of the Void 26 Conflict Character
Guardians of the Seikitsu The Chrysanthemum Throne 62 Province
Hantei Daisetsu Unique The Children of Heaven 80 Dynasty Character
Hantei Sotorii Unique For the Empire 13 Dynasty Character
Hantei XXXVIII Unique Children of the Empire 46 Dynasty Character
Hige's Sermon Clan War 92 Conflict Event
Honor’s Reward As Honor Demands 95 Province
Humble Magistrate Children of the Empire 43 Dynasty Character
Ichirō Unique Seekers of Wisdom 18 Dynasty Character
Illustrious Forge Children of the Empire 2 Province
Imperial Storehouse Core Set 129 Dynasty Holding
Goblin Sneak Tears of Amaterasu 19 Conflict Character
Insightful Gatekeeper Clan War 62 Dynasty Character
Insolent Outcast The Emperor's Legion 20 Dynasty Character
Into the Forbidden City Justice for Satsume 47 Province
Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn Warriors of the Wind 17 Dynasty Character
Kami Unleashed Disciples of the Void 27 Conflict Character
Kansen Haunt Defenders of Rokugan 24 Dynasty Holding
Katsuo Unique Print and Play D08 Dynasty Character
Keeper Initiate Core Set 124 Dynasty Character
Keeper of Fire Core Set 216A Role
Keeper of Void Core Set 218A Role
Good Omen Core Set 208 Conflict Event
Gateway to Meido For the Empire 3 Province
Emperor's Summons The Children of Heaven 68 Province
Feast or Famine Into the Forbidden City 41 Province
Empty Pockets Draft only 6 Province
Enlightenment Clan War 94 Conflict Event
Enticing Wares Draft only 3 Province
Entrenched Position Core Set 17 Province
Exposed Secrets Under Fu Leng's Shadow 117 Conflict Event
Exposed Secrets (treaty) Clan War 3 treaty
Fallen in Battle Core Set 211 Conflict Event
Falling Fortune Clan War 4 treaty
Favorable Ground Core Set 128 Dynasty Holding
Fearless Sailor Under Fu Leng's Shadow 95 Dynasty Character
Fertile Fields Core Set 18 Province
Fruitful Crossroads Draft only 5 Province
Festival of the Departed Bonds of Blood 25 Province
Field of Ruin Rokugan at War 24 Conflict Attachment
Fiery Vengeance Print and Play 2 Conflict Event
Finding a New Lord Clan War 5 treaty
Fine Katana Core Set 200 Conflict Attachment
Finger of Jade Tears of Amaterasu 20 Conflict Attachment
For Shame! Core Set 207 Conflict Event
Forgotten Plans Clan War 6 treaty
Four Temples Advisor Seekers of Wisdom 28 Conflict Attachment
Frostbitten Crossing For Honor and Glory 21 Province
Yoritomo Unique The Ebb and Flow 70 Dynasty Character