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The restricted list is a list of restricted cards in organized play

Against the Waves was one of the first card restricted, it was removed in December 2018.

The first province on the restricted list.

When deckbuilding, a player may select one card from the restricted list to include in their decks, and cannot include any other restricted cards in their decks and set of provinces. A player may run as many copies of his or her chosen restricted card in a deck as the regular game rules (or card text) allow.

The first restricted list was published May 29th, 2018 and the most recent update will take effect on July 6th 2020.


Card Added
Keeper Initiate July 2020
Rebuild December 2018
Mirumoto's Fury May 2018
Display of Power July 2020
Duty April 2020
Tactical Ingenuity July 2020
Embrace the Void May 2019
Pathfinder's Blade May 2018
The Imperial Palace January 2020
Consumed by Five Fires October 2019
Cunning Magistrate October 2019
A Fate Worse Than Death December 2018
Iron Mine July 2020
Kuni Laboratory July 2020
Mark of Shame January 2020
Kakita Toshimoko January 2020
Bayushi Shoju (Shoju's Duty) July 2020
Ikoma Tsanuri (Campaigns of Conquest) October 2020
Contested Countryside October 2020
Common Cause January 2021
Doji Diplomat January 2021
Bayushi Kachiko January 2021

Removed Cards[]

Card Added Removed
Against the Waves May 2018 December 2018
Iron Mine May 2018 December 2018
Feast or Famine December 2018 October 2019
Niten Master December 2018 October 2019
For Greater Glory May 2018 January 2020
Young Rumormonger December 2018 January 2020
Steward of Law May 2019 January 2020
Secluded Shrine May 2019 January 2020
Daidoji Uji October 2019 January 2020
Miya Satoshi October 2019 January 2020
Kuroi Mori January 2020 April 2020
Secret Cache January 2020 April 2020
Void Fist December 2018 April 2020
Policy Debate May 2018 July 2020
Gateway to Meido October 2019 July 2020
City of the Open Hand April 2020 January 2021
Forged Edict May 2018 January 2021
Magistrate Station January 2020 January 2021

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