Legend of the Five Rings Wiki

The five rings

There are five Elemental Rings: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Void.

Deck Mechanics[]

Each Province has a Ring associated with it. This Ring is used in deckbuilding. [1]

Conflict Mechanics[]

The five dual-sided ring tokens. Red represents military conflict and blue political conflict.

When a player declares a conflict in the Conflict Phase, they also select one of the five Rings. Any fate on the ring is moved to the attacker's fate pool at this time.

The winner of the conflict claims the ring for the round and, if the attacker wins the Conflict, they gain the following benefit based on which Ring type was chosen:[2]

  • air Air — Take one honor from your opponent or gain two honor from the token pool.
  • earth Earth — Draw one card from your conflict deck and discard one random card from your opponent’s hand.
  • fire Fire — Choose a character in play and honor or dishonor that character. (Honoring or dishonoring a character has a potent effect on that character’s skill, and causes you to gain or lose honor when that character leaves play.)
  • water Water — Choose a character and ready it or choose a character with no fate and bow it.
  • void Void — Choose a character and remove one fate from it.

Rings can be in one of three distinct states.

  • Unclaimed — The ring can be selected for a conflict.
  • Contested — The ring is currently center of a conflict.
  • Claimed — The ring was won by a player in a conflict.


The Book of Five Rings written by Miyamoto Musashi is the source of inspiration for Legend of the Five Rings and the five Elemental Rings in particular, even though it calls the Air Ring the Wind Ring and orders them in a different way.