Saadiyah al-Mozedu

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Unique Saadiyah al-Mozedu
Saadiyah al-Mozedu.jpg
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Clan unicorn

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Courtier. Gaijin. Scholar.
Stats 3 fate / 0 military / 3 Political / 2 glory
Text Box Sincerity.
Action: Discard a card from your hand and choose an unbroken province not currently being attacked – turn that province facedown.
Flavor "When I turned sixteen I vowed to escape or to die in the attempt, thereby to free my father to act against the caliph's tyranny."
Illus. Maerel Hibadita
Set, ID Warriors of the Wind, 8

Saadiyah al-Mozedu got married to Shinjo Shono as part of their alliance against the Caliph. [1]

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