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Unique Shinjo Altansarnai
Shinjo Altansarnai.png
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Clan unicorn

Deck Dynasty
Type Character
Traits Bushi. Cavalry. Champion.
Stats 5 fate / 5 military / 4 Political / 2 glory
Text Box Reaction: After you break a province during a military conflict in which this character is participating, your opponent chooses a character he or she controls – discard that character.
Flavor "This steed will not be broken to rein and saddle, nor will I compromise my clan in the name of peace."
Illus. Shawn Ignatius Tan and Le Vuong
Set;ID Core Set, 121

Shinjo Altansarnai is the Champion of the Unicorn Clan at the beginning of the storyline for the game.


  • Shinjo Altansarnai replaces Shinjo Yokatsu in the new storyline for the game from Fantasy Flight Games.
  • In the Mongolian language the name Altansarnai means Golden Rose