Tainted Lands

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Tainted Lands
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Product Code L5C10
Release Date July 5th, 2018 [1]
Previous Breath of the Kami
Next The Fires Within
Cycle Elemental Cycle

Tainted Lands is the second Dynasty Pack of the Elemental Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards. [2]

The cover art of this set by Alayna Lemmer is from the card Border Fortress.

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
36 Feral Ningyo phoenix Conflict Character Creature. Action: During a water conflict – put this character into play from your hand in the conflict. At the end of the conflict, shuffle it into your conflict deck.
33 Adopted Kin dragon Conflict Attachment Condition. Fire role only. Limit 1 per character.
Each other attachment on attached character gains ancestral.
39 Press of Battle unicorn Conflict Event Water role only.
Action: During a military conflict, if you control more participating characters than your opponent, choose a non-unique participating character – bow that character.
28 Impulsive Novice dragon Dynasty Character Courtier. This character gets +1military and +1Political while you have claimed the fire or void ring.
29 Court Novice scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. This character gets +2Political while you have claimed the air or water ring.
22 Border Fortress unicorn Province Fort. Action: During a conflict at this province, choose a facedown province – reveal that province.
27 Bonsai Garden crane Dynasty Holding Garden. Action: During an air conflict – gain 1 honor.
26 Asahina Takako Unique crane Dynasty Character Shugenja. Air. You may look at facedown cards in each province you control.
Action: Choose a card in one of your provinces – switch that card with a card in another of your provinces or discard it.
34 Ikoma Reservist lion Conflict Character Bushi. This character gets +2military while you have claimed the fire or water ring.
35 Writ of Authority lion Conflict Attachment Item. Earth role only. Restricted.
If an opponent is more honorable than you, discard this attachment.
23 Upholding Authority neutral Province This province gets +2 strength while you have an Earth role.
Interrupt: When this province is broken – the attacking player reveals his or her hand. Choose a card in their hand and discard any number of copies of that card from their hand.
40 Sabotage neutral Conflict Event Earth role only.
Action: During a military conflict, choose a card in an opponent's province – discard that card.
21 Teachings of the Elements phoenix Province This province gets +1 strength for each claimed ring.
32 Spreading the Darkness crab Conflict Event Mahō. Spell. Earth. Action: Lose 2 honor. Choose a participating character you control – until the end of the conflict, that character gets +4military and cannot be targeted by opponents' card abilities.
37 Oracle of Stone phoenix Conflict Event Spell. Earth. Action: Each player draws two cards. Then, each player discards 2 cards from his or her hand.
31 Marauding Oni neutral Dynasty Character Oni. Shadowlands. This character cannot be honored or dishonored.
Forced Reaction: After this character is declared as an attacker or defender – lose 1 honor. (Unlimited.)
25 Kuni Yori Unique crab Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Daimyō. During earth conflicts, each character you control gets +1military and +1Political.
Action: During a conflict, lose 1 honor. Choose a player – that player discards 1 card at random from his or her hand.
24 Apprentice Earthcaller crab Dynasty Character Shugenja. Earth. Action: During a conflict, choose an attacking character without attachments – until the end of the conflict, set that character's skill values to its printed values.
30 Sneaky Shinjo unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Reaction: After you pass in the dynasty phase – play this character from your province.
38 Tainted Koku scorpion Conflict Attachment Poison. Interrupt: When attached character leaves play – move this attachment to another character controlled by the same player.

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