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This is a infobox for LCG cards.

Minimum Call

Infobox card
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Clan neutral
Type Not specified
Stats No valid card type
Text Box
Illus. Not specified
Set, ID Not specified, Not specified
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  |type = 
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Additional Parameter

  • name - if different from the pagename.
  • deck - Set to conflict or dynasty, if the card belongs to the conflict or the dynasty deck respectively.
  • flavor - Write the verbatim flavor text, if the card has a flavor text
  • traits - Write the trait line including capitalization and full stops, if the card has traits like Bushi or Shugenja
  • cost - for events, characters and attachments
  • reinforcement - for characters with the Shadowlands clan
  • military - for characters and attachments
  • political - for characters and attachments
  • glory - for characters
  • strength - for holdings, provinces and strongholds
  • honor - for strongholds
  • influence - for strongholds and conflict deck cards with clan alignment
  • fate - for strongholds
  • clan2 - secondary clan for roles