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{{keyword|ancestral}} - Ancestral. (When attached card leaves play, return this card to your hand.)
{{keyword|composure}} - Composure – Composure Effect. (You have composure if your honor bid is lower than an opponent's.)
{{keyword|corrupted}} - Corrupted. (This character enters play tainted.)
{{keyword|courtesy}} - Courtesy. (When this character leaves play, gain 1 fate.)
{{keyword|covert}} - Covert. (When this character attacks, choose one character without covert. That character cannot be declared as a defender.)
{{keyword|dire}} - Dire – Dire Effect. (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
{{keyword|eminent}} - Eminent. (This province starts the game faceup and cannot be turned facedown. It cannot be a stronghold province.)
{{keyword|limited}} - Limited. (No more than one limited card can be played by each player each round.)
{{keyword|pride}} - Pride. (After this character wins a conflict, honor it. After this character loses a conflict, dishonor it.)
{{keyword|rally}} - Rally. (After this card is revealed in a province, add the top card of your dynasty deck to the province faceup.)
{{keyword|restricted}} - Restricted. (No more than two restricted attachments per character.)
{{keyword|sincerity}} - Sincerity. (When this character leaves play, draw 1 card.)
{{keyword|support}} - Support. (Another player may help pay this card's fate cost.)
{{keyword}} - This is not a keyword!