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The Temptation of the Scorpion
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Product Code L5C39
Release Date 2021-02-19 [1]
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Cycle Temptations Cycle

The Temptation of the Scorpion is the fourth Dynasty Pack of the Temptations Cycle.

The cover art of this set by Carlos Palma Cruchaga is from the card The Skin of Fu Leng.


ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
69 An Agreeable Arrangement crane Dynasty Event Action: Give control of a (friendly) ready character with printed cost 2 or higher to an opponent. Choose a non-Champion character that opponent controls – bow the chosen character.
70 Solitary Hero dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Duelist. This character cannot be evaded by the covert keyword.
Action: During a conflict in which this character is participating on your side alone – remove 1 fate from each other participating character with equal or lower military skill.
83 The Skin of Fu Leng scorpion Conflict Attachment Black Scroll. Item. Attach to a unique character you control.
You may trigger each ability on each character with no fate on it as if you controlled that character. Each opponent cannot trigger those abilities.
75 Enraged crab Conflict Attachment Condition. Fire role only.
81 Blessed By Fukurokojin phoenix Conflict Attachment Spell. Air. Attached character cannot receive dishonored status tokens.
72 Young Philosopher Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Shugenja. Air. Scholar.
73 Yogo Junzo Unique scorpion Dynasty Character Creature. Shadowlands. Dire – This character gains: “Action: Choose a character – discard all fate from that character.”
Action: Choose a character you control – move any amount of fate from that character to your fate pool.
67 Unleashed Experiment crab Dynasty Character Creature. Shadowlands. Dire – This character loses each other non-keyword ability. (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
77 Talented Performer crane Dynasty Character Courtier. This character must be chosen as a target of each event if able.
78 Promising Youth dragon Conflict Character Monk. Tattooed. You may play this character as an attachment with the text: “Attached character gets +2 military and +2 Political. Interrupt: When attached character leaves play – detach this attachment and turn it into a character.”
86 Dark Resurrection unicorn Conflict Event Mahō. Spell. Earth. Earth role only.
This card's fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Action: During a military conflict, choose up to 3 characters, each with printed cost 3 or lower, in your dynasty discard pile – put those characters into play in the conflict dishonored.
71 Meticulous Scout lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Scout. Seeker role only.
Action: If you have gained 2 or more honor this phase, choose a province an opponent controls – place a dishonored status token on that province and reveal it, if able. While a province has a dishonored status token, treat its printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits).
74 Iuchi Soulweaver unicorn Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Cavalry. Dire – This character is considered to be participating in each conflict in which you control at least 1 other participating character. It does not bow as a result of conflict resolution in conflicts in which it is at home. (This character is dire when it has no fate on it.)
68 Arrogant Kakita crane Dynasty Character Bushi. Duelist. Pride.
Forced Reaction: After defenders are declared during a conflict in which this character is participating, initiate a military duel – resolve the duel. If this character is the duel's loser, move it home. (Unlimited.)
82 Whispers of Power phoenix Conflict Event Mahō. Spell. Air. This card’s fate cost can only be paid for with fate on characters you control.
Action: During a conflict, lose 1 honor. Choose a character – until the end of the conflict, that character gets +3 Political for each character with no fate your opponent controls.
85 The Western Wind unicorn Conflict Event Action: Choose a non-stronghold province you control – search the top 8 cards of your dynasty deck for X characters and put them into the chosen province, where X is the number of faceup non-stronghold provinces an opponent controls. Shuffle.
84 Shadow Step scorpion Conflict Event Spell. Shadow. Void role only.
Action: Choose a non-Mythic character you control – remove it from the game, then put it into play. If that character does not have the Shadow trait, it enters play dishonored.
80 Reconnaissance lion Conflict Event Tactic. Reaction: After the conflict phase begins, choose 3 provinces – look at each of those provinces (if it is facedown). If you have at least 5 more honor than an opponent, you may also discard any number of cards from those provinces.
79 Mushin no Shin dragon Conflict Event Interrupt: When the effects of a triggered ability would initiate, if that triggered ability chooses a character you control with 2 or more attachments as a target – cancel those effects.
76 Untainted crab Conflict Attachment Condition. Attach to an unbroken province.
Reaction: After you win a conflict at attached province, choose a status token on a participating character or on attached province – discard the chosen status token and gain 1 honor.