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Unique Toshi Ranbo
Toshi Ranbo.png
Story hline.png
Clan scorpion
Type Province
Traits Imperial.
Stats 3 Strength
Ring tomoe
Text Box This province starts the game faceup and cannot be turned facedown. It cannot be a stronghold province.
Characters played from this province enter play with 1 additional fate on them.
Illus. Chris Ostrowski
Set;ID For the Empire, 1

Toshi Ranbo is a disputed border city between the Crane Clan and the Lion Clan which eventually was put under Scorpion administration by Imperial Decree. [1]

Fiction appearances[]


Toshi Ranbo card first appeared as a promo card with Toshi Ranbo Kotei series icon Toshi Ranbo Series icon, but it was eventually released in Gencon 2018 with the Kunshu Kotei series icon Kunshu Series icon.