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Set ID Name Clan Illus.
A Champion's Foresight 096 Army of the Rising Wave dragon Felipe Gaona
A Champion's Foresight 107 Erudite Prestige phoenix Joyce Maureira
A Champion's Foresight 092 Frontline Engineer crab Stanislav Dikolenko
A Champion's Foresight 109 Current of the Beryt unicorn Lukas Banas
A Champion's Foresight 095 Daidoji Kageyu Unique crane Felipe Gaona
A Champion's Foresight 105 Deduction dragon Lin Hsiang
A Champion's Foresight 094 Court Musician crane Felipe Gaona
A Champion's Foresight 099 Asako Takahiro Unique phoenix Lin Hsiang
A Champion's Foresight 108 By Any Means scorpion Conceptopolis
A Champion's Foresight 106 Fan of Command lion Joyce Maureira
A Champion's Foresight 090 Henshin Mysteries phoenix Mocaran
A Crimson Offering 062 In Harmony phoenix Mauro Dal Bo
A Crimson Offering 049 Desperate Negotiator crane Guillaume Ducos
A Crimson Offering 048 Damned Hida crab Carlos Díaz
A Crimson Offering 066 Bonds of Blood (card) unicorn Pavel Kolomeyets
A Crimson Offering 047 By Onnotangu's Light neutral Borja Pindado
A Crimson Offering 059 Disparaging Challenge crane Andreia Ugrai
A Crimson Offering 065 Command the Tributary unicorn Pavel Kolomeyets
A Crimson Offering 061 Feeding An Army lion Carlos Palma Cruchaga
A Crimson Offering 052 Forward Garrison lion -
All and Nothing (set) 090 Bustling Academy phoenix Kevin Zamir Goeke
All and Nothing (set) 082 Appealing to the Fortunes neutral Joyce Maureira
All and Nothing (set) 089 Ethereal Dreamer phoenix Christine Mitzuk
All and Nothing (set) 085 Callow Delegate crane Agri Karuniawan
All and Nothing (set) 095 All and Nothing phoenix Mocaran
All and Nothing (set) 098 Discourage Pursuit scorpion Stanislav Dikolenko
All and Nothing (set) 092 Imperial Librarian neutral Florian Stitz
All and Nothing (set) 099 Dispatch unicorn Wen Juinn
All and Nothing (set) 093 Game of Sadane crane Aaron Miller
As Honor Demands 107 Ceaseless Duty crab Joyce Maureira
As Honor Demands 103 Endless Archives phoenix Logan Feliciano
As Honor Demands 102 Asako Lawmaster phoenix Lin Hsiang
As Honor Demands 100 Fearless Skirmisher lion Felipe Gaona
As Honor Demands 101 Honored Veterans lion Guillaume Ducos
As Honor Demands 106 Contested Countryside neutral Eli Ring
As Honor Demands 097 Hida Etsuji Unique crab Felipe Gaona
As Honor Demands 104 Beautiful Entertainer scorpion Drazenka Kimpel
As Honor Demands 114 Command By Name unicorn Pavel Kolomeyets
As Honor Demands 108 Elegance and Grace crane Hai Hoang
As Honor Demands 095 Honor’s Reward neutral John Anthony Di Giovanni
As Honor Demands 094 Foothills Keep Unique dragon Nele Diel
As Honor Demands 110 Divine Ancestry lion Nino Vecia
Atonement 128 Apprentice Engineer crab Lin Hsiang
Atonement 122 Exposed Courtyard lion Nele Diel
Atonement 136 Flank the Enemy unicorn Imad Awan
Atonement 132 In Search of Self dragon Andreia Ugrai
Atonement 119 Doji Diplomat crane Derek D. Edgell
Atonement 131 Daidoji Yari crane Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Atonement 120 Agasha Sumiko (A) Unique dragon Asep Ariyanto
Atonement 135 Compromised Secrets scorpion Felipe Gaona
Atonement 129 Inventive Buttressing crab Hai Hoang
Atonement 115 Iron Mountain Castle Unique dragon Nele Diel
Atonement 124 Bayushi Kachiko (A) Unique scorpion Drazenka Kimpel
Atonement 118 Fire and Oil crab Apterus
Atonement 125 Ganzu Warrior unicorn Lin Hsiang
Bonds of Blood 026 Hiruma Yoshino Unique crab Pavel Kolomeyets
Bonds of Blood 031 Benevolent Ambassador unicorn Andreia Ugrai
Bonds of Blood 041 Earth Becomes Sky phoenix Lukas Banas
Bonds of Blood 036 Duel to the Death crane Sergio Camarena
Bonds of Blood 033 Fury of the Damned crab Reiko Murakami
Bonds of Blood 039 Forebearer's Echoes lion Pavel Kolomeyets
Bonds of Blood 028 Akodo Kaede Unique lion Leo Avero
Bonds of Blood 025 Festival of the Departed neutral Lin Hsiang
Bonds of Blood 034 Arbiter of Authority crane Eli Ring
Bonds of Blood 035 A New Name crane Drazenka Kimpel
Bonds of Blood 042 Alluring Patron scorpion Sara Winters
Bonds of Blood 023 Dishonorable Assault lion John Anthony Di Giovanni
Breath of the Kami 016 Ancient Master dragon Kevin Goeke
Breath of the Kami 006 Fū Sui Disciple crane Felipe Gaona
Breath of the Kami 003 Demonstrating Excellence neutral Joyce Maureira
Breath of the Kami 010 Heartless Intimidator scorpion Maerel Hibadita
Breath of the Kami 017 Hurricane Punch dragon Pavel Kolomeyets
Breath of the Kami 014 Formal Invitation crane Joyce Maureira
Breath of the Kami 018 Even the Odds lion Lukas Banas
Breath of the Kami 005 Hiruma Outpost crab Leanna Crossan
Breath of the Kami 001 Hisu Mori Toride (Lion Clan) Unique lion Nele Diel
Campaigns of Conquest 076 Crippling Taxes crane Guillaume Ducos
Campaigns of Conquest 071 Hayaken no Shiro Unique lion Daniel Alekow
Campaigns of Conquest 091 Forgery scorpion Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Campaigns of Conquest 079 Ikoma Tsanuri (CoC) Unique lion Conceptopolis
Campaigns of Conquest 088 Asceticism dragon Felipe Gaona
Campaigns of Conquest 078 Hidden Mountain Pass dragon Daniel Alekow
Campaigns of Conquest 081 Celebrated Renown phoenix Charles Urbach
Campaigns of Conquest 072 Breaking In unicorn Joshua Cairós
Children of the Empire 050 Honed Nodachi crab Chris Pritchard
Children of the Empire 021 Honorable Challenger lion Felipe Gaona
Children of the Empire 064 Glorious Victory lion Sergio Camarena
Children of the Empire 009 Hida Yakamo Unique crab Asep Ariyanto
Children of the Empire 010 Heavy Ballista crab Lukas Banas
Children of the Empire 046 Hantei XXXVIII Unique neutral Asep Ariyanto
Children of the Empire 075 Challenge on the Fields unicorn Tomas Muir
Children of the Empire 056 Civil Discourse crane Guillaume Ducos
Children of the Empire 062 Hand to Hand lion Lukas Banas
Children of the Empire 037 Honest Challenger unicorn Felipe Gaona
Children of the Empire 079 Defend Your Honor neutral Borja Pindado
Children of the Empire 006 Daring Challenger crab Felipe Gaona
Children of the Empire 066 Gift of Amaterasu phoenix Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Children of the Empire 049 Guardian of Virtue crab Calvin Chua
Children of the Empire 012 Courtly Challenger crane Joyce Maureira
Children of the Empire 038 Ide Negotiator unicorn Derek D. Edgell
Children of the Empire 030 Ancestral Shrine phoenix John Donahue
Children of the Empire 069 Infiltrator's Tools scorpion Mauro Dal Bo
Children of the Empire 026 Fire Tensai Acolyte phoenix Le Vuong
Children of the Empire 045 Akodo Toturi Unique neutral Maerel Hibadita
Children of the Empire 043 Humble Magistrate neutral Lin Hsiang
Children of the Empire 022 Ikoma Orator lion Lin Hsiang
Children of the Empire 002 Illustrious Forge neutral Matt Zeilinger
Children of the Empire 052 In Defense of Rokugan crab Calvin Chua
Children of the Empire 041 Aspiring Challenger neutral Felipe Gaona
Children of the Empire 053 Iaijutsu Master crane Lin Hsiang
Children of the Empire 011 Ichigenkin Soloist crane Kevin Zamir Goeke
Children of the Empire 033 Attendant to the Emperor scorpion Andreia Ugrai
Clan War 036 Agasha Prodigy dragon Felipe Gaona
Clan War 003 Exposed Secrets neutral YuDong Shen
Clan War 084 Bayushi Traitor scorpion Stanislav Dikolenko
Clan War 092 Hige's Sermon neutral Lin Hsiang
Clan War 004 Falling Fortune neutral YuDong Shen
Clan War 082 Appeal to Sympathy phoenix Isuardi Therianto
Clan War 085 Imbued With Shadows scorpion Lin Hsiang
Clan War 049 Hallowed Ground phoenix Daria Khlebnikova
Clan War 055 Altansarnai's Vanguard unicorn Storn Cook
Clan War 086 Compelling Testimony scorpion Felipe Gaona
Clan War 075 Impossible Kōan dragon Derek D. Edgell
Clan War 077 Called to War lion Reiko Murakami
Clan War 030 Chancellor's Aide crane Tawny Fritz
Clan War 001 Desertion neutral MuYoung Kim
Clan War 078 All Out Assault lion Pavel Kolomeyets
Clan War 039 Alchemical Laboratory dragon Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Clan War 069 Favorable Alliance crane Joshua Cairós
Clan War 065 Common Cause crab Pavel Kolomeyets
Clan War 025 Hida Secretkeeper crab Nino Vecia
Clan War 031 Dazzling Duelist crane Felipe Gaona
Clan War 002 Dishonorable Dealings neutral MuYoung Kim
Clan War 088 Expert Bartering unicorn Isuardi Therianto
Clan War 045 Expert Interpreter phoenix Joyce Maureira
Clan War 037 Ascetic of the North Wall dragon Imad Awan
Clan War 087 Criminal Contacts scorpion Pavel Kolomeyets
Clan War 017 Fury of the Kami phoenix Daria Khlebnikova
Clan War 067 Fulfill Your Duty crab Francisco Miyara
Clan War 054 Acclaimed Geisha House scorpion Ruwen Liu
Clan War 042 Battle Aspirant lion Nino Vecia
Clan War 068 A Game of Letters crane Mauro Dal Bo
Clan War 070 Cultured Façade crane Joyce Maureira
Clan War 035 Inventive Mirumoto dragon Eli Ring
Clan War 062 Insightful Gatekeeper neutral Imad Awan
Clan War 057 Endless Plains Skirmisher unicorn Imad Awan
Clan War 061 Cunning Confidant neutral Eli Ring
Clan War 005 Finding a New Lord neutral MuYoung Kim
Clan War 019 Fields of the Wind unicorn Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Clan War 006 Forgotten Plans neutral MuYoung Kim
Clan War 044 Bushidō Adherent lion Nino Vecia
Clan War 073 Contemplative Wisdom dragon Stanislav Dikolenko
Clan War 040 Ikoma Message Runner lion Felipe Gaona
Clan War 059 Forthright Ide unicorn Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Clan War 094 Enlightenment neutral Francisco Miyara
Clan War 090 Diversionary Maneuver unicorn Dmitry Burmak
Clan War 072 Inscribed Tantō dragon Gong Studios
Core Set 018 Fertile Fields neutral Gong Studios
Core Set 183 Fiery Madness scorpion Jorge Matar
Core Set 207 For Shame! neutral Shen Fei
Core Set 200 Fine Katana neutral Brent Chumley
Core Set 168 For Greater Glory lion Niten
Core Set 162 Guidance of the Ancestors lion Matt Zeilinger
Core Set 091 Fearsome Mystic phoenix Shawn Ignatius Tan
Core Set 184 Forged Edict scorpion Llyn Hunter
Core Set 046 Daidoji Nerishma Unique crane Polar Engine
Core Set 094 Forgotten Library phoenix Lino Drieghe
Core Set 211 Fallen in Battle neutral Chris Pritchard
Core Set 051 Guest of Honor crane Wen Juinn
Core Set 179 Display of Power phoenix Shen Fei
Core Set 039 Funeral Pyre crab Kevin Zamir Goeke
Core Set 054 Doomed Shugenja dragon Smirtouille
Core Set 041 Doji Whisperer crane Kathryn Steele
Core Set 016 Elemental Fury neutral Calvin Chua
Core Set 052 Doji Hotaru Unique crane Shawn Ignatius Tan
Core Set 014 Endless Plains unicorn Alayna Lemmer
Core Set 044 Doji Gift Giver crane Lukas Banas
Core Set 060 Enlightened Warrior dragon Carlos Nuñez de Castro Torres
Core Set 047 Doji Challenger crane Zezhou Chen
Core Set 115 Giver of Gifts unicorn Smirtouille
Core Set 152 Daimyō's Favor dragon Lukas Banas
Core Set 017 Entrenched Position neutral Stanislav Dikolenko
Core Set 007 Golden Plains Outpost Unique unicorn Alayna Lemmer
Core Set 208 Good Omen neutral Eli Ring
Core Set 142 Duelist Training crane Charles Urbach
Core Set 173 Grasp of Earth phoenix Jonathan Hunt
Core Set 008 Defend the Wall crab Chris Ostrowski
Core Set 072 Deathseeker lion Conceptopolis
Core Set 128 Favorable Ground neutral Jon Hodgson
Core Set 192 Favored Mount unicorn Lin Hsiang
Core Set 102 Favored Niece scorpion Wen Juinn
Core Set 025 Eager Scout crab Diego Gisbert Llorens
Core Set 026 Hida Guardian crab Drew Baker
Core Set 105 Bayushi Yunako Unique scorpion Adam Schumpert
Core Set 042 Brash Samurai crane Calvin Chua
Core Set 028 Hiruma Yōjimbō crab Shen Fei
Core Set 112 Border Rider unicorn Charles Urbach
Core Set 031 Borderlands Defender crab Le Vuong
Core Set 038 Borderlands Fortifications crab Noah Bradley
Core Set 194 Born in War unicorn Kevin Zamir Goeke
Core Set 151 Ancestral Daishō dragon Jason Juta
Core Set 195 Breakthrough unicorn Sergio Camarena
Core Set 053 Artisan Academy crane Conceptopolis
Core Set 129 Imperial Storehouse neutral Charles Urbach
Core Set 188 Ambush scorpion Calvin Chua
Core Set 186 Calling in Favors scorpion Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Core Set 063 Ascetic Visionary dragon Conceptopolis
Core Set 196 Captive Audience unicorn Calvin Chua
Core Set 043 Cautious Scout crane Sergio Camarena
Core Set 015 Ancestral Lands neutral Nele Diel
Core Set 098 Blackmail Artist scorpion Erich Schreiner
Core Set 034 Hida Tomonatsu Unique crab MuYoung Kim
Core Set 085 Asako Diplomat phoenix Tony Foti
Core Set 191 Ide Messenger unicorn Lin Hsiang
Core Set 203 Assassination neutral Greg Lambrakis
Core Set 204 Banzai! neutral Troy Graham
Core Set 078 Ikoma Eiji Unique lion Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Core Set 187 I Can Swim scorpion Scott Wade
Core Set 197 I Am Ready unicorn Drew Baker
Core Set 068 Ikoma Prodigy lion Mario Wibisono
Core Set 189 Blackmail scorpion Charles Urbach
Core Set 095 Bayushi Liar scorpion Diego Gisbert Llorens
Core Set 096 Bayushi Manipulator scorpion Polar Engine
Core Set 107 Bayushi Shoju Unique scorpion Shawn Ignatius Tan and Le Vuong
Core Set 050 Asahina Storyteller crane Caravan Studio
Core Set 077 Honored General lion Diego Gisbert Llorens
Core Set 163 Honored Blade lion Conceptopolis
Core Set 040 Asahina Artisan crane Alayna Lemmer
Core Set 199 Cavalry Reserves unicorn Andy Hepworth
Core Set 130 Hiruma Ambusher crab Brandon Leach
Core Set 116 Ide Trader unicorn Caravan Studio
Core Set 177 Against the Waves phoenix Calvin Chua
Core Set 202 Cloud the Mind neutral Veronica V. Jones
Core Set 084 Adept of the Waves phoenix Jason Engle
Core Set 205 Contingency Plan neutral Filip Storch
Core Set 180 Adept of Shadows scorpion Felipe Gaona
Core Set 141 Above Question crane Stu Barnes
Core Set 092 Isawa Atsuko Unique phoenix Le Vuong
Core Set 006 City of the Open Hand Unique scorpion Chris Ostrowski
Core Set 108 City of Lies scorpion Chris Ostrowski
Core Set 037 Hida Kisada Unique crab Shawn Ignatius Tan
Core Set 056 Agasha Swordsmith dragon Stanislav Dikolenko
Core Set 032 Intimidating Hida crab Sergio Camarena
Core Set 206 Court Games neutral Shen Fei
Core Set 111 Aggressive Moto unicorn Polar Engine
Core Set 071 Akodo Gunsō lion Polar Engine
Core Set 158 Indomitable Will dragon Tony Foti
Core Set 182 Court Mask scorpion Diego Gisbert Llorens
Core Set 143 Height of Fashion crane Gemma Tegelaers
Core Set 079 Akodo Toturi (Lion Clan) Unique lion Shawn Ignatius Tan
Core Set 210 Charge! neutral Niten
Core Set 147 Admit Defeat crane David Horne
Defenders of Rokugan 027 Fruitful Respite crab Albert Tavira
Defenders of Rokugan 031 Isawa Eju Unique phoenix Mocaran
Defenders of Rokugan 029 Desolation crab Stanislav Dikolenko
Defenders of Rokugan 019 Agasha Hiyori Unique dragon Joyce Maureira
Defenders of Rokugan 009 Favorable Dealbroker crab Erich Schreiner
Defenders of Rokugan 005 Hida Sukune Unique crab Joyce Maureira
Defenders of Rokugan 018 Daidoji Netsu Unique crane Doug Shuler
Defenders of Rokugan 007 Hida O-Ushi Unique crab Amélie Hutt
Disciples of the Void 023 Clarity of Purpose phoenix Kevin Zamir Goeke
Disciples of the Void 019 Favor of the Kami phoenix David Horne
Disciples of the Void 007 Inquisitive Ishika phoenix Conceptopolis
Disciples of the Void 004 Fire Tensai Initiate phoenix Anna Christenson
Disciples of the Void 026 Guardian Kami neutral Francisco Martin
Disciples of the Void 008 Fire Elemental Guard phoenix Eli Ring
Disciples of the Void 013 Hida Amoro Unique crab Arif Wijaya
Disciples of the Void 016 Ikoma Tsanuri Unique lion Maerel Hibadita
Disciples of the Void 011 Fushichō Unique phoenix IFS
Disciples of the Void 014 Doji Shigeru Unique crane Asep Ariyanto
Draft only 001 Closed Shell Castle Unique neutral Gong Studios
Draft only 005 Fruitful Crossroads neutral Gong Studios
Draft only 003 Enticing Wares neutral J.R. Baker
Draft only 006 Empty Pockets neutral Guillaume Ducos
Elements Unbound 101 Hisu Mori Toride (Unicorn Clan) Unique unicorn Nele Diel
Elements Unbound 115 Being and Becoming dragon Joyce Maureira
Elements Unbound 106 Agasha Shunsen Unique dragon Felipe Gaona
Elements Unbound 112 Awakened Tsukumogami neutral Reiko Murakami
Fate Has No Secrets 091 Fair Accord crab Felipe Gaona
Fate Has No Secrets 098 A Fate Worse Than Death scorpion Antonio José Manzanedo
Fate Has No Secrets 082 Crisis Breaker crab Niten
Fate Has No Secrets 097 Cunning Magistrate scorpion Niten
Fate Has No Secrets 087 Henshin Disciple phoenix Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Fate Has No Secrets 096 Consumed by Five Fires phoenix Antonio José Manzanedo
For Honor and Glory 029 Ide Tadaji Unique unicorn Polar Engine
For Honor and Glory 021 Frostbitten Crossing neutral Eli Ring
For Honor and Glory 037 Harmonize phoenix Eli Ring
For Honor and Glory 028 Bayushi Yojiro Unique scorpion Carlos Palma Cruchaga
For Honor and Glory 026 Ikoma Ujiaki Unique lion Diego Gisbert Llorens
For Honor and Glory 034 High Kick dragon Oscar Römer
For the Empire 004 Hiruma Signaller crab Derek D. Edgell
For the Empire 019 Command Respect lion John Anthony Di Giovanni
For the Empire 016 Greater Understanding dragon Robin Wouters
For the Empire 021 Adorned Barcha unicorn Carlos Palma Cruchaga
For the Empire 005 Fifth Tower Watch crab Leanna Crossan
For the Empire 009 Akodo Zentarō Unique lion Pavel Kolomeyets
For the Empire 014 Give No Ground crab Conceptopolis
For the Empire 020 False Loyalties scorpion Derek D. Edgell
For the Empire 013 Hantei Sotorii Unique neutral Leo Avero
For the Empire 017 Blade of 10,000 Battles lion Jason Juta
For the Empire 003 Gateway to Meido neutral Mocaran
For the Empire 022 A Perfect Cut neutral David Horne
For the Empire 007 Esteemed Tea House crane Leanna Crossan
Honor in Flames 036 Darkness Rising crab Apterus
Honor in Flames 025 Cycle of Vengeance neutral Ilham Habib Zakaria
Honor in Flames 044 Curse of Misfortune neutral Borja Pindado
Honor in Flames 030 Commander of the Legions lion Stormbrush
Honor in Flames 028 Daidoji Uji (HiF) Unique crane Joshua Cairós
Honor in Flames 032 Guardian Dōjō phoenix Logan Feliciano
In Pursuit of Truth 059 Cursecatcher scorpion Reiko Murakami
In Pursuit of Truth 051 Courteous Greeting neutral Andreia Ugrai
In Pursuit of Truth 052 Blatant Swindler crab Lukas Banas
In Pursuit of Truth 054 Asahina Augur crane Lin Hsiang
In Pursuit of Truth 070 Hunting Falcon unicorn Borja Pindado
Into the Forbidden City 041 Feast or Famine neutral Filip Storch
Into the Forbidden City 053 Ageless Crone lion Lin Hsiang
Into the Forbidden City 044 Chisei District Unique crane Nele Diel
Into the Forbidden City 048 Child of the Plains unicorn Oscar Römer
Into the Forbidden City 045 Enigmatic Magistrate dragon Ray Greaves
Into the Forbidden City 058 Chasing the Sun unicorn Halil Ural
Into the Forbidden City 060 Censure neutral Ancor Gil Hernandez
Into the Forbidden City 050 Hiruma Skirmisher crab Pavel Tomashevskiy
Into the Forbidden City 055 Benten's Touch phoenix Eli Ring
Into the Forbidden City 056 Bayushi Kachiko Unique scorpion Polar Engine
Into the Forbidden City 047 Back-Alley Hideaway scorpion Niten
Justice for Satsume 047 Into the Forbidden City neutral Leanna Crossan
Justice for Satsume 048 Hida Sugi Unique crab Amélie Hutt
Justice for Satsume 049 Doji Hotaru (JfS) Unique crane Agri Karuniawan
Justice for Satsume 056 Isawa Heiko Unique phoenix Lin Hsiang
Justice for Satsume 045 Conflict Between Kin crane Joyce Maureira
Justice for Satsume 050 Doji Kuwanan Unique crane Agri Karuniawan
Justice for Satsume 046 Effective Deception scorpion Pavel Kolomeyets
Justice for Satsume 052 Court of Justice dragon Nele Diel
Justice for Satsume 055 Acolyte of Koyane phoenix Lin Hsiang
Justice for Satsume 061 Callous Ashigaru crab Stanislav Dikolenko
Masters of the Court 009 Asahina Takamori Unique crane Lin Hsiang
Masters of the Court 017 Chukan Nobue Unique phoenix Andreia Ugrai
Masters of the Court 019 Armament Artisan neutral Immar Palomera
Masters of the Court 010 Benevolent Host crane Lin Hsiang
Masters of the Court 024 Courteous Scheming crane Joyce Maureira
Masters of the Court 011 Daidoji Uji Unique crane Amélie Hutt
Masters of the Court 027 Daimyō's Gunbai neutral Robin Wouters
Masters of the Court 016 Akodo Makoto Unique lion Borja Pindado
Masters of the Court 022 Gossip crane Richard Garcia
Masters of the Court 013 Distinguished Dōjō crane Matt Bulahao
Masters of the Court 005 Beloved Advisor crane Felipe Gaona
Masters of the Court 018 Bayushi Dairu Unique scorpion Le Vuong
Masters of the Court 025 Festival for the Fortunes crane Borja Pindado
Meditations on the Ephemeral 101 Along the River of Gold neutral Alayna Lemmer
Meditations on the Ephemeral 107 Asako Tsuki Unique phoenix Lin Hsiang
Meditations on the Ephemeral 106 Beastmaster Matriarch lion Halil Ural
Meditations on the Ephemeral 116 A Legion of One lion Borja Pindado
Meditations on the Ephemeral 103 Iron Mine crab Stanislav Dikolenko
Meditations on the Ephemeral 110 Illustrious Plagiarist scorpion Jorge Matar
Rokugan at War 009 Cycle of Rebirth dragon Pavel Kolomeyets
Rokugan at War 016 Captivating Story crane Calderon Studio
Rokugan at War 024 Field of Ruin neutral Jon Hodgson
Rokugan at War 010 Akodo Reserve Company lion Lin Hsiang
Rokugan at War 014 A Season of War neutral Lin Hsiang
Rokugan at War 011 Garanto Guardian phoenix Marius Bota
Rokugan at War 012 Governor's Spy scorpion Borja Pindado
Rokugan at War 022 Countryside Trader unicorn Joyce Maureira
Rokugan at War 017 Educated Heimin dragon Hai Hoang
Rokugan at War 006 City of the Rich Frog Unique neutral Nele Diel
Seekers of Wisdom 027 Elegant Tessen neutral Isuardi Therianto
Seekers of Wisdom 024 Iron Foundations Stance dragon Marius Bota
Seekers of Wisdom 028 Four Temples Advisor neutral Sergio Camarena
Seekers of Wisdom 021 An Ocean in a Drop dragon Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Seekers of Wisdom 002 Fuchi Mura Unique dragon Chris Ostrowski
Seekers of Wisdom 026 Hida Kotoe Unique crab Halil Ural
Seekers of Wisdom 013 Asahina Maeko Unique crane Wen Juinn
Seekers of Wisdom 001 High House of Light Unique dragon Daria Khlebnikova
Seekers of Wisdom 015 Asako Togama Unique phoenix Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Seekers of Wisdom 018 Ichirō Unique neutral Lin Hsiang
Seekers of Wisdom 006 Austere Exemplar dragon Zezhou Chen
Seekers of Wisdom 023 Dragon Tattoo dragon Matthew Armstrong
Seekers of Wisdom 016 Bayushi Gensato Unique scorpion Borja Pindado
Shoju's Duty 120 Chrysanthemum Steward scorpion Felipe Gaona
Shoju's Duty 128 Cloak of Night phoenix Pavel Kolomeyets
Shoju's Duty 114 Hitsu-do Disciple dragon Lukas Banas
Shoju's Duty 116 Hero of Three Trees lion Diego Gisbert Llorens
Shoju's Duty 121 Bayushi Shoju (SD) Unique scorpion Pius Pranoto
Shoju's Duty 129 Castigated scorpion
Shoju's Duty 113 Daidoji Harrier crane Pavel Kolomeyets
Shoju's Duty 111 Gallant Quartermaster crab Pius Pranoto
Shoju's Duty 119 Inferno Guard Invoker phoenix Pavel Kolomeyets
Shoju's Duty 127 In Service to My Lord lion Andreia Ugrai
Shoju's Duty 122 Golden Plains Raider unicorn Quentin Gleim
Spreading Shadows 035 Chronicler of Conquests lion Matt Bulahao
Spreading Shadows 043 Highlight the Flaws crane Felipe Gaona
Spreading Shadows 038 Dispatch to Nowhere scorpion Leanna Crossan
Spreading Shadows 041 Disciple of Shinsei neutral Lin Hsiang
Spreading Shadows 046 Ethereal Alignment phoenix Calvin Chua
Spreading Shadows 036 Inspired Visionary phoenix Pavel Kolomeyets
Spreading Shadows 033 Daidoji Marketplace crane Charles Urbach
Spreading Shadows 030 Driven By Courage neutral John Anthony Di Giovanni
Spreading Shadows 032 Cunning Negotiator crane Jake Murray
Spreading Shadows 031 Butcher of the Fallen crab Carlos Dias
Tainted Lands 036 Feral Ningyo phoenix Antonio José Manzanedo
Tainted Lands 034 Ikoma Reservist lion Andreia Ugrai
Tainted Lands 026 Asahina Takako Unique crane Maerel Hibadita
Tainted Lands 024 Apprentice Earthcaller crab Lukas Banas
Tainted Lands 033 Adopted Kin dragon Joyce Maureira
Tainted Lands 029 Court Novice scorpion Felipe Gaona
Tainted Lands 022 Border Fortress unicorn Alayna Lemmer
Tainted Lands 027 Bonsai Garden crane Derek D. Edgell
Tainted Lands 028 Impulsive Novice dragon Lin Hsiang
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 019 Goblin Sneak neutral Oscar Römer
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 007 Gifted Tactician lion Niten
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 001 Blood of Onnotangu neutral Kevin Zamir Goeke
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 020 Finger of Jade neutral Ray Greaves
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 008 Hito District Unique lion Chris Ostrowski
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 005 Doji Representative crane Eli Ring
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 013 Disdainful Remark crane Tropa Entertainment
Tears of Amaterasu (set) 016 Embrace the Void phoenix Pavel Kolomeyets
The Children of Heaven 080 Hantei Daisetsu Unique neutral Polar Engine
The Children of Heaven 071 Iron Crane Legion crane Lukas Banas
The Children of Heaven 070 Graceful Guardian crane Asep Ariyanto
The Children of Heaven 077 Emissary of Lies scorpion Hai Hoang
The Children of Heaven 074 Ikoma Kiyono Unique lion Lin Hsiang
The Children of Heaven 068 Emperor's Summons neutral Joyce Maureira
The Children of Heaven 079 Ide Ryōma Unique unicorn Pius Pranoto
The Children of Heaven 067 Fortified Assembly crab Leanna Crossan
The Children of Heaven 085 Invoke the Divine phoenix Quentin Gleim
The Chrysanthemum Throne 061 Before the Throne neutral Nele Diel
The Chrysanthemum Throne 079 Gaijin Customs unicorn Tropa Entertainment
The Chrysanthemum Throne 064 Doji Shizue Unique crane Borja Pindado
The Chrysanthemum Throne 078 Backhanded Compliment scorpion Tropa Entertainment
The Chrysanthemum Throne 075 Centipede Tattoo dragon Jorge Matar
The Chrysanthemum Throne 065 Agasha Sumiko Unique dragon Lin Hsiang
The Chrysanthemum Throne 076 Guard Duty lion Piotr Arendzikowski
The Chrysanthemum Throne 070 Fawning Diplomat scorpion Giby Joseph
The Chrysanthemum Throne 067 Akodo Toshiro Unique lion Stanislav Dikolenko
The Chrysanthemum Throne 062 Guardians of the Seikitsu neutral Carlos Palma Cruchaga
The Chrysanthemum Throne 069 Haughty Magistrate phoenix Hai Hoang
The Chrysanthemum Throne 074 Curry Favor crane Hai Hoang
The Chrysanthemum Throne 068 Implacable Magistrate lion Tropa Entertainment
The Ebb and Flow 063 Ikebana Artisan crane Le Vuong
The Ebb and Flow 066 Asako Azunami Unique phoenix Asep Ariyanto
The Ebb and Flow 061 Flooded Waste crab Nele Diel
The Ebb and Flow 075 Hawk Tattoo dragon Stanislav Dikolenko
The Ebb and Flow 068 Hidden Moon Dōjō Unique scorpion Nele Diel
The Ebb and Flow 072 Fight On crab Cassandre Bolan
The Ebb and Flow 080 Force of the River unicorn Sebastian Rodriguez
The Ebb and Flow 067 Disguised Protector scorpion Le Vuong
The Ebb and Flow 079 Deceptive Offer scorpion Asep Ariyanto
The Ebb and Flow 076 Heroic Resolve lion Eli Ring
The Emperor's Legion 023 Embrace Death lion Michael Matsumoto
The Emperor's Legion 015 Doji Kuzunobu Unique crane Polar Engine
The Emperor's Legion 020 Insolent Outcast neutral Ben Peck
The Emperor's Legion 009 Akodo Motivator lion Kevin Zamir Goeke
The Emperor's Legion 013 Hall of Victories lion Hai Hoang
The Emperor's Legion 007 Ardent Omoidasu lion Greg Bobrowski
The Emperor's Legion 012 Champions of Yomi Unique lion Polar Engine
The Emperor's Legion 019 Caravan Guard neutral Kevin Zamir Goeke
The Emperor's Legion 024 Honor in Battle lion Diego Gisbert Llorens
The Emperor's Legion 004 Ashigaru Levy lion Felipe Gaona
The Fires Within 046 Ikoma Ikehata Unique lion Borja Pindado
The Fires Within 052 Icon of Favor crane Mauro Dal Bo
The Fires Within 056 Infiltrator scorpion Andreia Ugrai
The Fires Within 059 Breach of Etiquette neutral Derek D. Edgell
The Fires Within 050 Battle Maiden Recruit unicorn Kathryn Steele
The Fires Within 047 Ancestral Armory lion Lukas Banas
The Fires Within 053 Insult to Injury crane Le Vuong
The Fires Within 058 Invocation of Ash unicorn Pavel Kolomeyets
The Fires Within 048 Chikai Order Protector phoenix Tony Foti
The Fires Within 041 Abandoning Honor neutral Lin Hsiang
The Fires Within 042 Hiruma Kogoe Unique crab Derek D. Edgell
The Temptation of the Scorpion 086 Dark Resurrection unicorn Apterus
The Temptation of the Scorpion 068 Arrogant Kakita crane Lukas Banas
The Temptation of the Scorpion 081 Blessed By Fukurokojin phoenix Drazenka Kimpel
The Temptation of the Scorpion 075 Enraged crab Mike Capprotti
The Temptation of the Scorpion 069 An Agreeable Arrangement crane Joshua Cairós
Twisted Loyalties 005 Diplomatic Gift-Giver crane Joshua Cairós
Twisted Loyalties 015 Exemplary Etiquette crane Lin Hsiang
Twisted Loyalties 021 Daughter of War unicorn Borja Pindado
Twisted Loyalties 014 Guardians of Rokugan crab Imad Awan
Twisted Loyalties 010 Asako Maezawa (TL) Unique phoenix Lin Hsiang
Twisted Loyalties 019 Heresy! phoenix Guillaume Ducos
Twisted Loyalties 013 Chikara Unique crab Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Twisted Loyalties 002 Brushfires neutral Eli Ring
Underhand of the Emperor 004 Alibi Artist scorpion Jake Murray
Underhand of the Emperor 019 Bayushi Collector scorpion Felipe Gaona
Underhand of the Emperor 010 Bayushi's Whisperers Unique scorpion Nele Diel
Underhand of the Emperor 015 Asako Maezawa Unique phoenix Lin Hsiang
Underhand of the Emperor 023 From the Shadows scorpion Pavel Kolomeyets
Underhand of the Emperor 022 Duty scorpion B.D. Judkins
Underhand of the Emperor 026 Doji Fumiki Unique crane Felipe Gaona
Underhand of the Emperor 009 Ignoble Enforcers scorpion Shen Fei
Underhand of the Emperor 006 Insolent Rival scorpion Greg Lambrakis
Underhand of the Emperor 014 Akodo Kage Unique lion Agri Karuniawan
Underhand of the Emperor 011 Court of Deception scorpion Derek D. Edgell
Underhand of the Emperor 002 Brother's Gift Dōjō scorpion Noah Bradley
Underhand of the Emperor 008 Bayushi Aramoro Unique scorpion Amélie Hutt
Warriors of the Wind (set) 014 Agasha Taiko Unique dragon Albert Tavira
Warriors of the Wind (set) 011 Aranat Unique unicorn Olly Lawson
Warriors of the Wind (set) 027 Compass neutral Derek D. Edgell
Warriors of the Wind (set) 026 Ikoma Anakazu Unique lion Conceptopolis
Warriors of the Wind (set) 012 Hida Tsuru Unique crab Lukas Banas
Warriors of the Wind (set) 020 Curved Blade unicorn Carlos Palma Cruchaga