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Unique Yōjin no Shiro
Yōjin no Shiro.png
Story hline.png
Clan lion
Type Stronghold
Traits Castle.
Stats +2 Strength / 12 honor / +7 fate / 10 Influence
Text Box Action: During a conflict, bow this stronghold – each attacking character you control gets +1military until the end of the conflict.
Illus. Chris Ostrowski
Set;ID Core Set, 4

Yōjin no Shiro is a castle of the Lion Clan.


  • Shiro no Yojin was also a Stronghold in the original Legend of the Five Rings CCG by AEG.[1]
  • In the first preview of the cards, this stronghold was called Shiro no Yojin, like it has been in the original game from AEG.[2]. But after some controversy on the forums[3] about the proper grammar and spelling, the words were switched around.[4]