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The Yasuki family are merchants and diplomats, acquirers of the support the Crab Clan needs to feed their war effort.


The Yasuki are unlike other families in the Crab Clan; they do not directly fight against the Shadowlands and embrace the political challenges in Rokugan. Their differences trace back to the family's origin as members of the Crane Clan, when they were founded by a wise woman that helped Kakita win the Kami Doji's hand in marriage. This was an uneasy alliance, however, and the Yasuki quickly came into conflict with the other Crane Clan families and their adherence to honor and tradition. Eventually, they defected to the Crab Clan in the middle of a war between the two clans, drawing it to a stalemate and gaining the Crab a favorable resolution. Bad blood continues to exist between the Yasuki and the Crane.

The Yasuki care a great deal about mercantile interests and the flow of money, commonly considered to be things beneath a samurai's notice. This attention has allowed them to become a major mercantile power in Rokugan, and they endeavor to provide the Crab with whatever supplies and political support they require even if it requires somewhat underhanded means to obtain.