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The Yogo family is a family of shugenja who belong to the Scorpion Clan.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Yogo family was originally part of the Phoenix Clan. During the First War, its founder Yogo was cursed by Fu Leng to betray whomever he loved most; unable to bear this curse, he fled from his clan and contemplated suicide. However, the Kami Bayushi chanced upon him and convinced him to join the Scorpion Clan. When Yogo protested that his curse would surely doom Bayushi, the kami merely replied "But Yogo, you do not love me."

This curse has passed down to Yogo's descendants, who put great effort into researching ways to try and lift it. This has given the family significant insight into long last magical effects and protective magic and made them one of the most dedicated families in opposition to the Shadowlands. They work alongside the Kuni family on occasion to help them with putting down the corrupting influence of the Shadowlands.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]